Friday, July 08, 2011

When Wiki Met Moriarty....


When The Tyee's Katie Hyslop asked The Province's Editor-In-Chief Wayne Moriarty to comment on the BC College of Teachers' response to Dan Murphy's 'Mr. Mitler' cartoon depicting a likeness of Adolf Hitler as a substitute teacher, this was Mr. Moriarty's response:

"....The Province Editor-in-Chief Wayne Moriarty defended the cartoon, saying it's satire and that the College and teachers' union are "thin skinned."

"The satire here would be that the most heinous person on the planet in the last hundred years would have had his record white washed by the BC College. Now, of course, that's not true, but that's the joke," he told The Tyee. To further emphasize his point, Moriarty emailed The Tyee the Wikipedia entry on satire..."

Really, that was Mr. Moriarty's comeback - sending The Tyee's readers to the Wikipedia satire page.

Which, of course, is ironic in the extreme given that, in many ways, that particular page runs on a significantly higher plane than approximately 99.9999% of the pages published by Mr. Moriarty et al.

Heckfire, it even quotes Northrop Frye.

Wiki, I mean, not The Province.

But here's the thing.

Does Mr. Moriarty know real satire when he sees it?


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