Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Worst Thing The Campbell-Clark Government Could Ever Do...


...Would be to not reappoint Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond as the province's child representative.

And make no mistake, it is this government, a government currently being run by the very person who knows best about all that this government did wrong regarding child protection in the past, that has the hammer in this matter as they hold the majority of the seats on the 'selection' committee.

Lindsay Kines*, in the V T-C lays it all out, and also goes to the person who has done the most to give us a chance to fix all that this government, and to be fair, previous governments have gotten wrong, Mr. Ted Hughes

....Former judge Ted Hughes, whose 2006 report led to the creation of Turpel-Lafond's office, recommended the review of the office's role after five years.

But he stated recently that, after years of conflict between the representative's office and government, the two sides are only now collaborating as he envisioned. Hughes told the Times Colonist that the representative's office should continue its job of monitoring the Ministry of Children and Family Development for some time.

"It is not the time to discontinue that part of the representative's work," he said. "But if things go as I think they're going to go, two years from now I would think we may well be at the point where that aspect of the representative's work will have been completed."....


When you see, hear and read future press reports on this matter please ignore the blah, blah, blah, blah coming out of the mouths of people like Colin Hansen and remember the words of Mr. Hughes.

Because, as past performance has demonstrated over and over and over again, the former mean absolutely nothing and the latter actually matter.


If anyone needs more background about why this matter actually matters, a good place to start is here.
*And as Paul Willcocks rightly points out in the comments, it was the investigative reporting of Lindsay Kines, and others, including Sean Holman, Jeff Rud, Judith Lavoie and Jody Paterson, who really got the ball rolling on all this government did to drive the MCFD even further off the rails back in the days (just) before Christy Clark became the minister responsible.



bewlay said...

Only the truly depraved would play politics with this file. And while all governments have had failures with this ministry, imo the current government reached a new lowest of lows with its handling and interference. I am also very disappointed in the folks who do the heavy lifting within this ministry, where are their voices? I fail to see how anyone could support this government under any circumstance when giving this file a considered review. Watching CH message on this one is very telling indeed...yeesh.

paul said...

I'm OK with the committee thinking about this a bit. There is a problem, in principle, with re-appointing independent officers. It raises the concern that the hope of re-appointment would affect the work of some. A one-term limit provides the maximum independence.
But Turpel-Lafond has established that's not an issue here, and should definitely get another term. The government would be badly bashed if it doesn't re-appoint her.
Glad to see Lindsay Kines mentioned. There's a children's representative because Ted Hughes called for one. But Hughes was appointed because of Kines' fine, dogged reporting on problems in the ministry.

RossK said...

Paul-- You're point about one term for such officers is a good one, principle. However, in this case, in addition to the fine job Ms. Turpel-Lafond has done, I would also argue that a considerable portion of her first term was spent dealing with obstructionism that attempted to curtail her ability to move forward with true independence.


I agree with your opinion regarding this government's handling of this Ministry. However, I think it is very difficult go after front line folks for not speaking out because, regardless the situation, ultimately they will always have to work within the system to get things done.


Anonymous said...

BC is fast becoming a third world province. Third world provinces, don't give a damn about their children. Campbell prooved this, in all of his time in office.

Christy's b.s. about her family's first, is getting tiresome. If she cared about, her "family's first" of this province, she wouldn't be putting the HST first.

BC is a cesspool of corruption, lies, deceit, dirty tactics and greed.

The corruption, starts at the top of the food chain, and filters right down to the bottom.

Ms. Turpel Lafond, did a remarkable job, for our BC children. However, the BC Liberals have no intention of bettering the lives of our children.

BC has vast natural resources. There is no excuse for this province, to be in this terrible financial condition.

Campbell thieved and sold our assets. Our BC mines, gas fields, etc....are owned by the giant corporations. Campbell and Harper worked hand in hand, to rob our province. BC won't even own our water.

Campbell, Hansen, Christy, Falcon and the BC Liberals, have never intended to save our kids, from their lives of horror. Campbell is a monster. He belongs in prison for many, many reasons, and so does Harper. The other snake in the grass.