Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Holman Hits FOI Jackpot on Christy's Cozy Contracts...CorpMedia Listens.


Here's Sean's lede, not in PublicEye, but instead in the Globe:

The B.C. government office running the province’s pro-HST campaign secretly doled out contracts to two Liberal-connected companies and a former aide to the minister who introduced the tax, records show.

The contracts, according to documents obtained by The Globe and Mail via a freedom-of-information request, had paid out more than $250,000 as of June 1. That included compensating the ex-aide, Marc Andrew, to do what he called “purely logistical” work for the government panel that provided an independent analysis of the harmonized sales tax......

And what's most egregious about this?

The Clark government circumvented the rules (that only count when they don't matter) and awarded the contracts without competitive bids.

Paul Willcocks asks you to take a simple litmus test on that one, here.


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