Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good Question Of The Day...



Update: Kevin Falcon's latest highly partisan, not to mention highly political, HST-assisted highwire act designed to bamboozle his snowblinded snowmen (that's us!) is detailed at the bottom of the post...

This one's all my own....

When questioned by Sean Holman about how, exactly, the BC Liberal government decided to give the biggest, fattest, super-secret barrel of HST contractual pork to the BC Liberal party-connected Campaign Research Ltd., Finance Ministry communications director Matt Gordon said:

...Campaign Research wasn’t given that work because of its Liberal connection, but rather because it provided the best value out of three quotes privately solicited by the government...

Interesting that, no?

Especially given the fact that Mr. Gordon also said that the government deliberately circumvented the public bidding process (ie. they kept things secret) for all kinds of proffered reasons, none of which are, in my opinion, legitimate.


Given that Mr. Gordon has also said that there is no reason for a public inquiry into the matter because there was no political interference, here is my question to Mr. Gordon, or maybe even to his boss, Mr. Kevin Falcon:

"Can you please show us those three quotes?"

Immediately, before your three day saviour....errrr....weekend arrives.


Of course the good Mr. Falcon himself has also been going out of his way to pooh-pooh any and all concerns from wild-eyed members of the public who are concerned about the possibility of political skullduggery, or worse, as the referendum deadline approaches....Norm Farrell, who is clearly fully back in the saddle, has that story, here.


Grant G said...

Hi Ross K...It looks like the blogosphere beat the mainstream again..

Good work Sean, Laila and Norman...Kudos to you too Ross K..

I should be up on the horse again soon.

Thanks eh

RossK said...

Thanks Grant--

Interesting that the late arriving Province scribe missed the important part.

Which is that the good Mr. Andrew, who is a BC Liberal party insider and was a member of Colin Hansen's Finance Ministry apparatus (ie. the apparatus that foisted the HST on us out of nowhere in the first place) did, according to one of the panel members, participate in the discussions of said panel.

Thus, it would appear that all this 'I'm an party insider but I only scheduled meetings and fetched sandwiches for a big whack o' cash ' is very likely pure unadulterated codswallop.