Thursday, July 14, 2011

When Keith Tweets, Christy Listens....

...And Then Tells Him What To Say.

And, bizarrely, Mr. Baldrey appears to be proud of the fact that he gets fingered as a 'friendly'.

How do we know this?

Because Mr. Baldrey actually told Mr. Jon McComb of CKNW as much yesterday, July 13th.

On the air......

John McComb: We're talking with Keith Baldrey from Global BC. He's at the Ledge in Victoria......Keith, the other issue that was on the table today with Blair Lekstrom is the two cent a litre increase in the gas tax. And again, Monday the Premier was out and, at least as far as I was concerned, left no doubt that she was opposed to this thing, and she's given the mayors, uhhh, told to go back and find something else, that it was bad for families. And then today Lekstrom was out saying, 'Oh no we're all on the same page, I talked to her and everything's fine."

Keith Baldrey: Funnily enough, I just got of the phone with Premier Christy Clark, 'cause I tweeted earlier that I was coming on your show and I got contacted by the Premier's office and was asked 'Is there anything you'd like to know?' I said, 'Well, I'd like to talk to the Premier just to sort this mess out.'

And then the good Mr. Baldrey did just that.

Tried to sort the mess out for his insider access enabler, I mean.


I guess that pretty much clinches it.

Because clearly Ms. Clark has all kinds of time to drop everything and respond to Tweets from media friendlies, but has no time to debate opponents during elections or the leader of the Opposition about the most pressing public issue of the moment for all British Columbians.


Of course, we have seen Mr. Baldrey go all googly-eyed over those willing to enable his access addiction before. The specific example we found to be most egregious was when he swooned, in print, after David Hahn rolled out the red carpet for him in the wake of the Queen of the North sinking. The latter is now quite ironic given the fat that on the same segment with John McComb yesterday, which can be found in the NW audio vault from July 13th beginning at 3:46pm, Mr. Baldrey had his, and Mr. Hahn's, feet held to the fire by a caller who may or may not have a connection with Brian from Garden Bay and/or this guy.....Have a listen, it's good, especially because Mr. McComb backs up the caller by following through on his questions after Mr. Baldrey firsts tries to deflect by discrediting the caller (ie. not the question)....



Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Never trust a reporter with big hair.

Grant G said...

Hey thanks for the plug Mr. K...

It`s amazing, BC Ferries, tearing up HEU contracts, BC Rail, IPPs,...

Nothing is going away.

And nothing pleases me more than making Keith Baldrey squirm..HA!

Have a good day gentlemen...

West End Bob said...

Chipmunk Cheeks is all about media and branding, RossK.

When is that provincial election again ? ? ? ?

RossK said...


A certain commenter once noted that a prominent network newsreader should never do a stand-up outside because every time the wind blew it would muss their hair and they would lose their train of thought.


RossK said...


You really are highly skilled at this thing....You come on no nonsense/all business, drop your questions clearly without being shrill, and then you get out politely before they can bait and/or cut you off.....Very nice job.


It would appear that the expectation lowering has begun in earnest....