Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Arrival...


littler e. had been counting down the days for the last month or so.

Not to mention C.

And me?

Well, as you might expect, I worked on all kinds of new tunes and melodies.

And as the time drew nearer I even had one of them ready and on the stand.


When Friday night finally came and we headed down to the bottom of that stairway in the basement of YVR to wait for the plane to arrive from Montreal I decided to rely on an old stand-by for the return of....

Bigger E.

And for the Grandparents....Watch it all the way to the very last frame....And know that we are thinking of you too.

My Mom always loved that Elvis Christmas album....In fact, I'm pretty sure it was the first hunk of vinyl her kids ever bought for her, collectively....
And, hey!, Jody Paterson has a fine post up about 'The Leaving' to come rather than 'The Arrival' that just happened....And it would appear that, perhaps, the doing of the things with the kids may the most important thing of all things in both...Sometimes, I really do wonder if all of the life worth living is a Weakerthans song.



Don F. said...

Hello Ross,
What a wonderful experience for all including us viewers. So natural for you all to do, she was everready toting instrument in hand and joined in as natural as one eats or breaths to the song.
Have a wonderful time together and sing.
On my sixtieth birthday my sons wrote a song for me about our lives that was the greatest gift I ever recieved, you and your family know of course how lucky we are and how blessed to have such a gift, the music we share.

BC Mary said...

Nicely said, Don F. I loved the Return of Bigger E, too.

I so much agree with your concept of doing things with the kids as the most important form of Christmas celebration.

It just so happened that I had received an email from my own darling daughter -- an intensely busy musician -- who is coming home for Christmas -- and she speaks only of these unusual Christmas gifts:

Hi Mom,

I am busy testing all the recipes this week, making sure I have the ingredients/tools/skills to make some good meals for you guys. [her parents]
The tomato soup recipe is wonderful! I made it for Guy [Guy Few, her music partner] before he flew to Saskatoon today.
I am pleased with having some time to cook... dishes piled to the sky and no Christmas shopping done but we will eat well!
Lots of love,

For the first time I can remember, I'm really looking forward to Christmas and already I have happy memories to last a lifetime.

Thanks RossK, and Happy Days for you all.

paul said...

In the top two airport welcomes I've seen.
Tied with Rebecca, not quite two I think, running to me in pyjamas in the Calgary airport shouting 'Daddy.'

West End Bob said...

You two had me choked up at the 43 second mark, RossK.

Great to see Bigger E back with the whole famdamily. (littler e is not so little anymore, either . . . .)

RossK said...


I think I just received a reason to actually look forward to my 60th birthday which is still a ways (but not that far) off.




Have fun with all that food. And to heckfire with the shopping.!



OK - you win.

But just barely.

(And only because you like the Mountain Goats so much)



43 seconds?

Hang on a second, gotta go check.....



OK, I'm back - and I see what you mean.

For me, it's the very last second, which the YouTubes cuts off very quickly that is the kicker.

Hope you and yours have a great holiday season Bob.


Danneau said...

Had to show this one to both my own Erica and my granddaughter who is hanging with us for a couple of days before shipping off with the rest of the family for a Christmas with Nana and Papa. This beats Leave It To Beaver all to hell. It would be hard for some people to watch this, given the livel of strife in a lot of families, but it surely is an inspiration for some of us.

Rusty M said...

Too cool for words ...