Thursday, December 01, 2011

Songs In The Key Of My Kid's Life


The following five minutes that keeps on giving came to me, unexpected and out of nowhere, as an unexplained Email link...



West End Bob said...

Ahhh, so nice to see and hear Bigger E - Great setting, too! Bet Dad would have loved to be videographer, huh?

This is the second time in two days that The Country Queen Dolly's Jolene number has crossed my path: Bigger E's excellent performance, and Coach Bieste's on Tuesday night's Glee episode - also excellent.

Ms. Parton's aura is everywhere.

That's not a bad thing, RossK . . . .

BC Mary said...

Hmmm. I just made a comment about MY kid and instead of PREVIEW I got VANISH ...

Will try again ... I think I said:

Thank you, RossK, for an update visit with your Bigger E (My gosh, that's a lovely photo of her, up close).

I think I was telling you two things:

* Above my desk hangs a portrait of (I swear) that very same tree in winter outline,

* I too received a happy 5-min video this morning from my child, as follows:

From: YouTube Service
Subject: nadiva (that's my kid, Nadina) sent you a video: "Capricio #13.mp4 - The Voice of the Reed"

nadiva has shared a video with you on YouTube:

Capricio #13.mp4 - The Voice of the Reed
a clip of Nadina's commentary before performance of Jean-Daniel Braun's Capricio #13 from CD release performance on October 30, 2011 (Conservatory Theatre, Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto)

Danneau said...

This five minutes that keeps giving is the result of many years of love and inclusion in Dad's idiosyncratic past time. The rewards for that investment are huge and will keep showering down on you. good on you.
Here's where it starts. skip forward to about 6:42. The little guy in the red shirt is my grandson, in whom I'v invested a ton of reading, listening and singing time.

The rest of it is just silliness in a nice setting.

karen said...

Ah, couldn't you just burst with pride?
Man. Mine is away at school on the opposite coast- I sure miss her.

This is really lovely. Thank you for sharing

Rusty M said...

Oh man, i wish i was 17 again, with a song in my heart and just beginnng my journey ...

Fran / Blue Gal said...

That's adorable! She's got a lovely voice. So genuine.

RossK said...


Jolene is the one that really is the one that really got me - Em and I used to do that one, trading verses b/w our version of.....this.

And I'm sure we will do it again, come the Holidays



The same tree? Really???!!! That is so fantastic.

I'm on my way to see the latest from Nadina now - have her on our subscription list...

Thanks Danneau--

Have been digging your vids for awhile now.

You are very welcome Karen.

Story of my morning with littler e., and our musical adventure together, coming soon.

Awww' come on Rusty - you've got 'em around too.

The teenagers I mean.

Thanks Fran--

And from what I understand there is all kinds of adorable and interesting stuff going on at your house with your kids too.

btw - best one/two left leaning punch on the podcast dial can be found at BlueGal and her partner Driftglass' place, here.....Try it - you'll like it.*

(*especially those who remember DGlass from his king of the Steve Gilliard comment thread days)

paul said...

Just got it it. Damn, life can be good.

RossK said...


Sure can.