Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Cookie Man Says Something Of Substance.


This time last year Mike de Jong was the big winner amongst the BC Liberal also-rans for the leadership of their moribund party.

On the YouTubes that is, with his now disappeared 'cookie recipe' video.

Now, a year later, as Health Minister, he has actually said something of substance, in response from otherwise (mostly) softball questions from the VSun's Pamela Fayerman:

Q. How do you feel about contracting out to private surgery facilities?
A. What I’ve discovered, in the vast majority of cases, is that people have little interest in who owns or operates the facility. What they want to know is that when they require treatment, they can present their Care Card and receive treatment in a timely way.

Q. What about paying for it themselves?
A. Well I am sure there are some who prefer that option. I put that question to the federal minister just a few weeks ago because I wanted to know if the majority federal government is planning any changes to the Canada Health Act and the answer was no. So the Canada Health Act structure will remain unchanged and we are going to manage on that basis.

Interesting that, no.

Half an extra tier maybe but then when the third rail comes defer to the Harpoons who have made it clear that devolution is going to be the way to their (anti?) Healthcare revolution.



North Van's Grumps said...

"De Jong's shortbread recipe "not-so-secret"
December 30, 2010" - Public Eye Online

"This video is Private", but even though we are barred from seeing his video, at least we know from the covering photo exactly what Mike's "flour" of choice is ..... Red Robin.... but his apron says otherwise BC Cookin' BC Products

In 1909 Francis Atherton Bean, President of International Milling in Minneapolis, decided it was a fertile time to buy a mill in Canada. Robin Hood Flour is actually a product of Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, not a BC Product.

RossK said...

Thanks NVG--

Mr. Holman's archives is the gift that keeps on keepin' on.