Friday, December 23, 2011

Will The (not)Premier's Year-Enders Come Back To Bite Her?


Don't know about you, but I'm surprised that there has been so little reaction to Christy Clark's extensive and pretty wide-ranging year-end/round-up interviews that she held with pretty much any and all the media outlets in Lotusland, friendly or not-so.

For all kinds of reasons, including the fact that it smacks of desperation.

Because when the hard rock candy mountain pols running the show let their horse out of the barn unbridled pretty much anything can happen.

And while Ms. Clark did not come off like the NewKitsier PoMo version of the Grifter from Wasilla, given her ability to lay down a thin veneer of common sensical nonsensical nonsense non-stop, many of her pronouncements, at their core, really weren't all that much different than the 'I can see First Nations Treaties from my house!' variety.

Case in point, here's what Ms. Clark had to say about economic partnerships in response to a 'grilling' from the very friendly Tom Fletcher:

"Ellis Ross, who's the Chief Councillor of the Haisla, says 'We're going to have too many jobs. That's going to be our biggest problem up here as a result of the LNG project.' They found a way to be a partner in that economic development, and so for First Nations around the province who are seeing this tremendous success, I just don't think those American environmental groups are going to have much luck with those folks. Because they understand that they have a really big stake in economic development. And this idea that foreigners should come into Canada and try to stop economic development when they aren't going to be the losers or the winners on either end of it, I don't think Canadians want that. Let's make our own decisions for heaven's sake."

For heaven's pearly-gated community sakes, indeed.

Now, just to deconstruct the griftier one's nic-patched speed-babble bubble-talk for a moment.

First, there is the ridiculousness of the 'there will be too many jobs!' deflector spin.

And second, where the heck did all this 'Americans and foreigners are trying to tell us what to do' stuff come from?

Well, that followed from an extremely leading question from the good Mr. Fletcher that went like this:

...I was just given some information about one of these U.S. charitable foundations specifically targeting a grant to oppose the Prosperity mine. There's a stack of them, U.S. money coming in large amounts to organize aboriginal people against the oil pipeline. Are you concerned about that, do you think this opposition is really grassroots, or that there really is influence from the U.S.?

And how did the thrifty-grifty one answer that query about 'stacks of them'?

Well, as you might expect, she went full metal talk show host and responded thusly:

"I don't think Canadians welcome American-style politics. And so whether it's American politicians or American interest groups, they all to American-style politics. And I don't think anyone wants to welcome that in British Columbia...."

Sure thing Madame (not)Premier.

But what about this?

And this?


All you need now is ten thousand local-OJ's in white broncos and/or dune buggies comin' down the mountain to distract the marks for a year or so until the first Family day rolls out in February 2013 and everything should be just fine and dandy.




Here come the White Broncos/Dune Buggies now!

"Last week the dedicated team of Crown counsel assigned to the Stanley Cup riot prosecutions advised the court of their intention to apply to have these proceedings publicly broadcast.

This is in keeping with a commitment set out in the government's throne speech, and I want to explain why I have directed these applications to be made.

This government believes that the courts need to be open institutions for the public and when we have opportunities to enhance the transparency of our justice system, we need to pursue those....

{snippety doo-dah}

...I can think of no better way and in no better circumstance than with the Vancouver riots for the public to see justice in action...."

And who wrote that love, American style 'Hang-em High!' justice-type bullpatootie?

Well, it sure as heckfire wasn't the recently fired/resigned/took-a-walk-at-the-last-minute former AG Barry Penner.

Can't quite place that 'ten thousand dune-buggies comin' down the mountain' anti-griftier than thou reference?....Well, this oughta take care of that....



Rusty M said...

How desperate can you get?

"We don't go for American style politics here, so if you're a true Canadian you'll vote for me ..."

Have I mentioned lately how much i despise that manipulative bitch?

RossK said...

Oh, my.

Pass the smelling salts.


RossK said...

OK, now that 24 hours have passed and nobody has commented on them....

From the image of she who is using three fingers to sweep:

1) Why is she, unlike the others really working, not wearing protective gloves?

2) What the heckfire is Randy Quaid doing in that picture?


Rusty M said...

Oh, is she sweeping? I thought she was kick-starting her broom ...

RossK said...


(and no smelling salts required for that one)