Thursday, December 22, 2011

What If?

For all the right reasons, Alain Vigneault is big news in Lotusland these days.

After all, his Canuckleheads are on a roll, his Swedes are playing World Cup soccer on ice, and he's got Luongo right where he wants him while, simultaneously, Schneider's stock has never been higher.

But, appropo of nothing at all, except maybe the Randy Cunneyworth situation in Montreal....

What if.....

A.V. only spoke French?



Jim Parrett said...

Sorry AV-Cunneyworth comparison doesn't work. The Montreal Canadiens, save one European, all speak English. Only a handful of Canucks speak French and few if any media in Lotusland speak French. Actually, no comparison.

RossK said...

Fair comment Jymn.

However, I was thinking more from the media market perspective, and what the reaction would be here if that were the case.

(show on other foot and all that)