Sunday, December 04, 2011

The New Not (not)Premier Speaks!


Speaking on PublicEye Radio this morning the Conservative candidate in PoCo, Christi(ne) Clark(e), told Sean Holman that she approached the party first and thus the name thing is just a coincidence that could actually (get this!) work against her.

Ms. Clarke also told Mr. Holman that she and the folks from the party...

"...thought we'd get a couple of tweets about that (i.e. her name's similarity with the current Premier)..."

Sure thing Mdme. (not)Clark.

And, just like Jim Flaherty says, the HST was all Gordon Campbell's idea because he and his approached the FedCons 'first' too.

Personally, I thought Mr. Flaherty's 'infuriated' response to Peter Julian about the HST in the House recently was the loudest dog whistle to the big money boys so far that the DeepCons have cut the BC Liberal Party loose for real...



Anonymous said...

I don't care how Flaherty slices it. Harper was drooling at the mouth, for BC's HST.

The citizens of BC, did not make a deal with the devil, Campbell and Hansen did.

Does not Flaherty remember Campbell's election lie, the HST wasn't on his radar? Turns out the HST was, on Campbell, Hansen and Harper's radar. Hansen caught in a lie, finally had to admit, the HST radar papers were on Hansen's desk, long before the election. So Harper had the HST papers on his desk too, long before the BC election. The three of them all colluded on the HST, before the BC election.

So, Harper and Flaherty can stop their lying crap.

We said, NO to the HST, Harper and Campbell forced the HST on us anyway. Flaherty can take the money out of, Harper, Campbell and Hansen's hide. The HST is a totally illegal tax. It was a tax with no representation. Why should the BC people pay Harper and Campbell for thieving from us?

RossK said...



Thing is....this is full-on real politick now (i.e. total bullcrap and spin)...And it looks to me like they, the HarperCons, have decided to cut the LINOs loose.