Thursday, December 22, 2011

Requiem For Lotusland's Musical Heavyweights


John Mackie, in the VSun, has the story of the new-and-improved, supersized version of Susanne Tabata's documentary of Vancouver's late 70's punk scene 'Bloody But Unbowed'.

Or in my case, my kid brother.

VANCOUVER — There’s been so much graffiti in Vancouver over the years very little sticks in the memory. But I still recall a bizarre message somebody spray-painted on a wall near one of the downtown bridges about 30 years ago: “Tunnel Canary Hates You.”

There may have been an exclamation point, as well. Lord knows what the masses thought about it, because few people in Vancouver knew who, or what, Tunnel Canary was. Let alone why they would hate them.

People in the punk underground understood, however. Tunnel Canary was the most out-there band in Vancouver’s great punk/new wave/art rock explosion of 1978-9. They didn’t play that much, but when they did, they made a point of being in your face.....

And who knows, maybe if you look real hard you may just see a younger version of The Dean in there somewhere.


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