Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Green Delusion


The issue of the Double-E conservative candidate in the upcoming PoMoCo bye-bye served as a pretext for an interesting conversation between The GStraight's Carlito Pablo and the best mayor Vancouver never had, Jim Green, about the 2005 civic election campaign when he ran against Sam Sullivan AND 'James' Green:

...“The guy they ran against me—Jim Green—I’ve known him forever and his name is Jim Green just like mine, but he changed his to James Green so he could be on the ballot ahead of me,” Green said. “And he told me this himself.”

Green also claimed that the other Green came to him and asked to be included on the Vision Vancouver slate for council. “But I told him he would have to go before our membership, that I don’t make that decision,” Green said. “And he said, ‘Well I’m going to go to Sam Sullivan, and you’re going to lose because I want to run against you for mayor.’ So he did that.”...

And what does James Not Jim have to say about all that? Well, Mr. Carlito has that story too:

...James Green doesn’t deny that he changed his name from Jim Green to James Green, but he says it wasn’t because he wanted to be above Jim Green on the ballot. He refuted Jim Green’s claim that he went to the latter to ask to be included on the Vision council slate. He also denied telling Jim Green that he’d approach Sullivan.

“Jim is just delusional,” he told the Straight in a phone interview...

Sure thing Mr. Green.

And who, exactly was it that paid for your big green bus again?

And was that person (or persons) delusional?



Ian said...

Good catch. And Jim didn't comment on the half of it. That was, and I think will ever be, the dirtiest campaign I have worked in.


Oh, and I am loving your musical family posts.

motorcycleguy said...

You should also check out this is a Memorandum of Understanding on the EAO process....appears to apply to any project within 100km of the Washington-BC particular I would think so called "run of river" projects would be subject.

motorcycleguy said...

sorry, posted on wrong thread....meant to be on your BlogCrawl link to Legislature Raids Nelle Maxey article

RossK said...

Thanks Ian--

And that war chest that helped pay for so much flinging of muck....Is it empty yet?

No worries mcg - thanks.