Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Incredible Lightness Of Being David Frum...

...Lies In The Darkest Of Hearts

More on what we reckon Mr. Frum is really up to to follow....



Anonymous said...

Like most, if not all, Canadian boys, I grew up hoping everyday my mother would be proud of any and everything I might accomplish.

Something very traumatic must have happened in Mr. Frum's life that would lead him to be the antithesis of everything his mother Barbara represented in the quality and goodness of being Canadian.

He would do well to reconsider his betrayal of that trust between a son and his mother.

RossK said...


I don't know...Despite his practiced 'reasonableness' I think that Mr. Frum, based on his actual words and deeds, is a zealot who can rationalize any obfuscation as noble as long as it is committed in the name for the true cause which, in my opinion, is truly Straussian at its core.

So, I guess the real question is....can zealots and extremists who repeatedly commit such acts in the name of the 'true cause' even understand what an act of simple betrayal is?