Saturday, December 31, 2011

The BC Liberal Party's Further Descent Into 'American-Style' Politics


That was then (ie. Dec 23rd, 2011):

"I don't think Canadians welcome American-style politics. And so whether it's American politicians or American interest groups, they all to American-style politics. And I don't think anyone wants to welcome that in British Columbia...."

This is now (ie. Dec 30th, 2011):

And as for that all that Conference Board chatter that uses, you know, real facts and real context, sans cherry-picking, that clearly demonstrates that the BC Liberal Party's economic record over the last decade, a decade when we lived through the greatest commodity boom this province has ever seen, is far, far, far less than stellar?

And that, as a result of the BC Liberal Party's poor management over the last decade, we are now worse off economically than we were at the end of the NDP's reign of power in 2000?


That would appear to be a reality that the current (not)Premier and those who are (still?) riding and bankrolling her would prefer that we did not worry our pretty little heads over.

How do we know this for sure?

Because, Ms. Clark recently killed that Conference Board.




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