Friday, January 16, 2015

Journos Taking Money From The People They Cover...

...What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

From Sean Craig's Canadaland series on Ms. Amanda Lang's efforts to kill the MoCo's story about RBC's in-sourcing of temporary foreign workers so that they could be trained to take the trainers' (i.e. Canadian) jobs:

...(A)s CBC journalists across the country pulled in information to advance the story, they were summoned to a conference call with Kathy Tomlinson (who was the lead investigatory journalist on the story) and, to their surprise: Amanda Lang.

CANADALAND spoke to three CBC employees who were on the conference call with Tomlinson and Lang.

Lang, they recall, relentlessly pushed to undermine the RBC story. She argued that RBC was in the right, that their outsourcing practices were “business as usual,” and that the story didn’t merit significant coverage. She and a defiant Tomlinson faced off in a tense, extended argument. Two of the CBC employees we spoke to recall a wave of frustrated hang-ups by participants.

“I cannot emphasize enough how wrong it was,” said one CBC employee we spoke to. “That another journalist, not involved in a story, would intervene in the reporting of others and question the integrity of her colleagues like that. I haven’t seen anything like it before or since.”...


Sure glad we don't have any journos 'round here that take money and favours from the fine folks they cover.



Didn't Norm Farrell, with an assist from the GStraight's Charlie Smith, have something on that not long ago?

Alison has more, much more, on the toothless tigger that the MoCo/CBC is fast becoming.
And don't you just wish that bloggers, the folks who have brought all this stuff to light, had just a wee bit more established 'credibility'?...Because that's what matters...Right?



North Van's Grumps said...

News anchor Leslie Roberts has resigned from Global Television following an internal investigation triggered by the revelation that he was part-owner of a public relations company.
Global tattles on CBC vs CBC tattles on Global

The company reported Thursday that Roberts had resigned as the executive editor and anchor of Global Toronto and as the co-host of The Morning Show.

The Toronto Star recently revealed that Roberts was a part-owner of Buzz PR and that some of that company’s clients had appeared on his show.

motorcycleguy said...

Here is another opportunity for me to bring up how our local Vancouver Sun "journalist" Gillian Shaw was hired to make a presentation to the BC Independent Power Producers Ass'n about how to slant their news their own words...."E-savvy stakeholders can be your best friend or your worst nightmare when it comes to sharing information and encouraging dialogue around clean energy project development. A diverse group of top local bloggers, tweeters and opinion shapers will share their views and demonstrate that a social media presence, no matter how small, can make a big difference in how your project will be perceived by a growing segment of society."....nothing to do with responsible reporting of pro's and con's for the general good of BC

Anonymous said...

Spector 360

Anonymous said...

All the board of directors for cbc conservative donors.?