Sunday, January 04, 2015

Predicting BC Poli in 2015?....#2.


Number 2.

To mollify revolting PAB-Bots (see prediction #4), the Premier announces a new 'Megaproject Lottery Contest' program in which members of the 'public' (i.e. does not exclude those average joes with lucrative media monitoring contracts) can propose new ways to waste millions and, maybe even, billions. 

Preference will be given to those proposals that include corporate money-shovel funnels/subsidies and quick winning slammer-jammers.

At the unveiling Ms. Clark states emphatically that there is no truth to the rumour that this will be a Dobell-Rogers production.

The next day the Glimmer twins move in to 740-999 Canada Place.

Number 10... Premier's office announces new 'Aviation Division'.
Number 9... Government tables 'Dobell Doctrine' legislation.
Number 8... Finance minister tables 'Cookie Dough' budget.
Number 7... Justice minister stops campaigning for 5 minutes...Chaos ensues.
Number 6... BCLC brings craps tables to seawall...It's 'VegasNotVegans!'
Number 5... TeeVee Ledge guy admonishes citizens with opinions to stay off the darned Twittmachine...Again.
Number 4... PAB-Bots Revolt!
Number 3... TFW quotas for all ministries and crown corporations...It's a 'Deca-Millenial Strategy'!



Anonymous said...

I will be applying for 11 million dollars to stage an awards night for all public service workers who have deleted emails..... called DeleteOwood. The ceremony will be hosted by a recent addition to the Liberal team with experience gained in Ontario.
Invitations will be sent by email and if you don't receive one... you know it's been deleted.

Guy in Victoria

e.a.f. said...

with all these announcements it might really be a good idea to continue planning a move to some place like I don't know, Vegas, Cape Breton Island, etc. Now as a suggestion:

announcement no. 1 will be the ballifes have moved in and re prossessed the province, and the province declares bankruptcy while the cabinet all gets new jobs with Paragon, and relocate to Alabama. Big business and the creditors ask Glen Clark to come back and run the province. He declines with thanks and runs the Patison Group until he is 85, doubling it in size.

RossK said...


Strong proposal...good tie-ins...But only 11 million?...That might cost you with the judges.



Do all those relocated former cabinet ministers get to have year round vacay-condos in Jumbo too?...If so, your proposal may be a winner!


e.a.f. said...

ya, they do. they can even get to "buy" the judge of their choice if there are any objections, per Alabama style.