Monday, January 05, 2015

What To Do About BC Ferries...A Reader's Brilliant Idea.


In response to our earlier post on Todd Stone's shock, shock I tell you, about the bad management going down at BC Ferries, reader John's Aghast weighed in with the following re: what to do with the 'system':

"Lease it to Washington State!

For 999 years?

Make sure you retain ownership of the seabed though."


Hope your keyboard is still coffee splatter-free.

Because I know, for a fact, that mine is most definitely not.

There was actually a bunch of really great stuff on that particular comment thread....Thanks everyone!
And don't forget to go read.....Norm!



Lew said...

That was a brilliant comment by John's Aghast.

Sure hope it doesn't get wheels turning in what passes for the Snooklandian brain trust though. Instead of Washington State they may start thinking about Washington Group (i.e. Seaspan) which already operates commercial ferries in this neck of the woods.

Admiral Clark tried to take credit for getting them federal shipbuilding contracts, and her brother was associated with them, so she knows her way around their docks.

Anonymous said...

Great comment....that could work

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

Is it that some boats ,in BC ,dont drift...they graft.?

e.a.f. said...

oh my god I couldn't stop laughing.

At least in the state of Washington hasn't been involved in a "railgate" type thing, so it might work, better than how our casinos work and we might get a better deal then we got when el gordo "leased" B.C. rail to his "bagman".

o.k. next step for John to replace "snookie" and her "sparkle pony" team.

Anonymous said...

Eleanor Gregory said...

Wasn't there a Premier of this province some years ago that described BC Ferries as part of the province's highway system?

Must have been some wild eyed dipper type. Er....was Wacky Bennett a dipper?

kootcoot said...

" Er....was Wacky Bennett a dipper?"

Compared to the twits that operate under the alias of Liberals in BC today Wacky was a flaming communist and Gordo and now Crusty have spent over a decade destroying his legacy, BC Rail, BC Hydro and BC Ferries to name three of their targets for destruction!

Anonymous said...

2015 BC mla sitting is 72 days.

Mp Canada 126 days.

Anonymous said...

Well if you can hire "good, skilled" Americans like the former D. Hahn at a million a year plus, Washington State ferries seems like a pretty good deal imo, and not near the costs of 1 CEO. We never needed a "vacation" ferry system. It's our highway. I have avoided going to the island because of the cost.

RossK said...


That couldn't possibly by either true or real.

That part about you using the ferry system less because of the fare increases, I mean.


Because our good Premier said so.

That's why.