Friday, January 09, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...Hey Rubes!


Hey Rubes!

We be making jails!

But we ain't gonna tell you how much it's costing you.

Joe Fries, of the Penticton Western News has the story, and the blank FOI documents to back it up.

Here's his lede:

Key information about the new Okanagan jail, including its long-term cost to taxpayers, remains locked away in government files.

A freedom of information request filed by the Western News to obtain copies of the construction timeline, details of contractor performance penalties and the 30-year schedule of payments was denied almost in full.

In its response letter, the Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services cited provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act that allow it to withhold information it believes could harm the financial interests of the government and its business partners...

About the building of a jail?

Do they really and truly believe that we are all saps?

Luckily for us that don't want to be (saps, I mean) Mr. Fries did a little more digging:

...The B.C. government entered into a public-private partnership with Plenary Justice to design, build, finance and maintain the $193-million jail near Oliver for 30 years.

During construction, the province will make payments totalling $73 million, and Plenary Justice, a consortium of private companies, will fund the balance of the $120-million capital cost with money it raised through a private bond issue.

Over the next three decades, B.C. taxpayers will then pay back to Plenary Justice that $120 million with interest, plus make regular life-cycle and maintenance payments, according to the documents obtained by the Western News. However, the actual payment amounts, spread over 360 months, were redacted...

And, of course, there is this too:

...Boundary-Similkameen (BC Liberal/Clarklandian) MLA Linda Larson, in whose riding the jail is being built, did not respond to a request for comment...




JasonS said...

Another P3 huh .... where did I just read something about P3`s in BC. Hmmmm ...

Lew said...

I think there’s a conflict of interest here. The government shouldn’t be allowed to design and build with public money what might (if there is any justice) be the future residence of some of its members.

Grant G said...

Speaking of playing us for rubes..

Meet Rubes dealer Bill Teileman...Courtesy Bob Mackin.

Chuckstraight said...

I`ll bet that Plenary has made a nice donation to the BC Liberals.
Also Plenary Health will be running the new Kelowna Hospital Heart Center.

Anonymous said...

I just read Grant G's link to the Bob Mackin story. Once I finished I was amazed & thought.... every BC taxpayer should be forced to read this to learn how the mafia is run in BC & supported by the BC Liberals with hard working taxpayer dollars...... & I'm not talking about the rich guy... who is just waiting for his/her turn at the public trough.

Guy in Victoria

Grant G said...

Yes indeed, mafia...

I guess that explains why Bill Tieleman made sweet gentle kind Christmas wishes to Christy Clark and Stephen Harper.

Bill Tieleman needs to resign as spokesman for the YES vote on the Translink referendum..

Bill T is in a total conflict of interest.

Bill Tieleman`s company West Star communications is after lucrative Translink contracts, contracts that are being let AFTER a SUCCESSFUL yes vote on the referendum.

Bill T i8s in conflict, he didn`t divulge that...

The public has a right to know...

Bill Tieleman, if he was campaigning for the no side...Bill would be screaming bloody murder if the YES vote he was fighting was that conflicted.

Go To Hell Bill Tieleman

Grant G said...

Oops..Here is Bill Tieleman`s Christmas blessings to Christy and Stevie..

Anonymous said...

re: Grant G on Bill T. Has Bill T. realized there is wealth by being friendly & supportive of Christy ? And now he wants a share of the pie.

Guy in Victoria

Grant G said...


Bill Tieleman is entitled to chase down money and contracts wherever he wants..

However, Bill T knows about conflict, and the appearance of conflict, the right thing for Tieleman to do is resign..

And to state the reasons why he is resigning from the yes vote..

I don`t expect Ross K to enter to this debate, Ross K clearly is on the yes side of the referendum..

Yes or no on the referendum vote has nothing to do with conflict of interest.

Anyone who thinks it is okay for Bill Tieleman to carry on in his position of being the media point-man on the Yes vote(without divulging his vested interests) is clearly biased to the point of irrelevance..

We can`t attack one side while doing the same on ours..

Right now there is a putrid stench wafting from Bill Tieleman..

And it`s not cheap B.C. planc whine!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a recent court decision (iirc around the Port Mann contract) that basically said that due to the high value these contracts couldn't be hidden... anybody?

cfvua said...

This Plenary Group gets around. Also short listed for Site C accommodation supply.
Membership has its benefits apparently. maybe the work camp will be sort of like jail.

RossK said...


That comment is right up there with John's Aghast's comment on the lease not sail (sic) of BC Ferries to the State of Washington (minus the seabed).


Thanks Grant, for the link to Mr. Mackin's post--

Please note that BTieleman has so far only entered into bidding process for that particular open contract...That is very different than the extension for Mr. Ransford.

And, for the record, I have a real problem with the regressive nature of the funding mechanism being proposed here.


Thanks, everyone, for pointing us towards the Plenary Group.