Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mr. Harper's Reverse Onioning Of Canada.


Made a quick trip over to Victoria this weekend to see my Mom and Pops, in part to help them set up their WiFi as well as their tablet-thingy, which was not entirely easy given that neither of the experts in the family, also known as Bigger E. and littler e., was with me.


While downstairs at Mom and Pops I found myself perusing some linear-type geopoliticallishmishmashable material from days gone by and came upon the following 'historical' passage:

"...(T)he nation of Canada will never be as great as the United States so long as it continues to burden its citizens with universal health care, refuses to drill for oil in federally protected wildlife reserves, and neglects its duty to blindly support unilateral invasions of Middle Eastern states..."


Where the heckfire did that come from?

Why none other than a hefty tome published by the fine folks at The Onion titled "Our Dumb World: Atlas Of The Planet Earth".

Published in...

Wait for it...




sd said...

Thanks, I just thought I was crazy. Now I know Harper is just into comedy!

RossK said...


If only it were true.

The comedy thing I mean.