Saturday, January 10, 2015

This Day In Clarkland...How Obscure Can A Ferry System Be?


Stephen Hume an excellent piece on the BCLiberal government practice of 'obscrurantism' (i.e. pretending to be transparent while hiding the real facts from we, the public) that is embodied by the situation at BC Ferries up at the VSun:

...Thanks to government ideology, millions of ferry passengers have been driven off by a policy of raising prices and slashing services while foisting overhead onto small community users to whom ferries are not a discretionary recreational diversion but an essential service for getting to doctors’ appointments, school, work, minor hockey tournaments and the grocery store.

Does anyone still subscribe to the illusion that this corporate fairy tale serves any other purpose than to obscure the way in which capital debt is shifted from where it belongs, on the province’s books?...

It's a piece well worth reading in its entirety.

But, as an addendum to how we are being played for saps on this one, on all counts, I cannot help but return to the good Premier's recent bizarre utterances pretending that previous massive fare increases have not already significantly affected ridership:

...Fares are “about as high as they can get without really impacting ridership,” said Premier Christy Clark...

I mean, seriously, is it possible that that piece by Ian Gill in The Tyee today wasn't even really satire?

You know,  it would be much easier for those amongst us who are not reality challenged to cut these people some slack if there was any evidence whatsoever that what they do in the name of ideology and regressive anti-people policies actually works...But there is not...And Ms. Clark actually does understand that reality.



Anonymous said...

wag the dog

RossK said...


The 'invisible' dog?


cfvua said...

The BC liberals must never hope to swing voters on the island so the mission is to destroy the economy there obviously. Maybe the endgame is designed to allow well heeled liberal supporters to purchase cheap real estate( other than the stuff big rich hasn't handed off to relates) then return to the highway extension model like the inland ferries. And all those pesky tree huggers and environmentalists will have left for greener pastures if any remain in BC. Lookout Bill they are headed for the Kootenays and it's towns without residents, especially now we know you are happily headed for pension retrieval. Oh and free ferries too.