Thursday, January 01, 2015

Predicting BCPoli in 2015?...#6


Number 6.

British Columbia Lottery Corporation chairperson announces new public/private/gambling partnership via....

...Cell phone.


Paragon, through their newly-minted  (but never conflicty) spokesthingy rejoices as they are given land rights and yet another multimillion dollar subsidy to make seawall multi-craps table franchise a 'world class' 'multi-generational' win-win for everyone who wants a faux Vegas/notVegan experience with their ocean view.

(Meanwhile, dog walkers, joggers and bike riders who don't want to pay-to-play/throw-down-the-dice on their trip to Stanley Park are re-routed through downtown eastside via bike-path paralleling runway made of surplus seaplane dock panels that the government announces they 'got for a song' that was definitely not, in any whatsoever, a 'deal breaker')

That's it for today...Will be back with our final 'Big Five' starting tomorrow...

Number 10... Premier's office announces new 'Aviation Division'.
Number 9... Government tables 'Dobell Doctrine' legislation.
Number 8... Finance minister tables 'Cookie Dough' budget.
Number 7... Justice minister stops campaigning for 5 minutes...Chaos ensues.



e.a.f. said...

ah you forgot our Minister of not caring about kids and stuff like that, Don McRae. Perhaps he will decide, to alleviate child poverty; children can begin working at age 7 and drop out of school in after grade 6, to take on all those jobs, jobs, jobs. It will be one of those family first things, you know the whole family works to get enough to eat and rent one room somewhere.

RossK said...




Anonymous said...

And how many took the early buyout package from BC Lottery only to move to Paragon?

Anonymous said...

lets just release this on the last day of the year shall we.?