Monday, January 05, 2015

What Is A Trillion Times More Corrosive Than Crocodile Tears?


Face spite drippings, that's what.

Boris, over at the Galloping Beaver, explains.



Anonymous said...

Fantino gone

e.a.f. said...

Alison's comment at Galloping Beaver, says it all.

If the Veterans are gaining traction, then you need to change the narrative and that is what Fantino and stevie slime are doing. What is that old line about telling a big lie often enough????

Fantino's comment refers to "some" but of course Fantino hasn't said what "some" is. Is it 5 is it 10 is it several hundred.

We have a government who took a billion out of the Veteran Affairs budget, closed offices, delayed adequate treatment, nickel and dimed the Veterans into poverty and some into homelessness and now they blame them for not getting with the con agenda and finding work.

Fantino is a piece of shit.

and harper ought to be arrested for wearing those military jackets. Trying to impersonate a military officer.

Anonymous said...

dont forget the december/ friday before christmas c-17 purchase for 2x the going rate while others are mothballing their c17 fleets and the 4 stealth jets for a total of 1,000 million dollars about .

1 billion vetrans dollars