Thursday, January 08, 2015

This Day In Clarkland....P3 Conflictyness Everywhere?


The British Columbia Finance Ministry has written a report on the P3 process in this province and it would seem that they have found that conflicts abound.

The CCPA's Keith Reynolds has gone through it carefully and this is his take:

The BC Finance Ministry has produced a report much more critical of Partnerships BC and its activities around public private partnerships (P3s) than might have been expected by a province so committed to the practice. It raises issues of conflict of interest, dubious practices and questionable assumptions in the multi- billion dollar program...

One of the more interesting specific bits from the report, from a conflictyness point of view, was the following:

...The report also identifies (although it dismisses) the potential conflict of interest of hiring of the former PBC Chief Executive Officer, Larry Blain, as its Board Chair and then contracting with him to provide other services...


Why has the public heard so little about this report that was released, you guessed it, just before Christmas?

Well, because, according to Mr. Reynolds at least, there has only been one established and credible proMedia story focussed on it so far from the VTC's Les Leyne although, as you might expect Mr. Leyne's view of the report is quite different from that of the CCPA's Mr. Reynolds.




Anonymous said...

P3 Ontario 8,000 million dollars wasted report.
But sparkle ponies in Bc .nothing to see here move along
Never mind the dormant 950 mW Burrard thermal cng generator. let's build a 10 billion dollar dam that will lose 800 million at start up apparently.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Well there is nothing like the BC Liberals, masquerading as Harper's Tories.

This all began in, Gordon Campbell's reign of terror in BC. Campbell thieved and sold everything out of BC, he got his dirty hands on, including our BCR and our rivers. That is also when, Harper and Campbell began selling BC out to China.

Harper nearly burst into tears, when Campbell resigned. They weren't quite finished all of their dirty work.

Ditzy Christy is merely Harper's mouthpiece. Another thieving, corrupt Gordon Campbell, wearing a skirt.

Harper, Campbell and ditzy Christy's best M.O. Lies, deceit, corruption, thefts, dirty politics, dirty tactics and all of them cheat to win. All of them are in, the lowest form of the human species.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous. I believe you erred in your comment, feces not species.

Anonymous said...

Stories about the value of P3's have been well documented by bloggers and one or two newspapers. The results are always the same...but taxpayers seem to be okay with paying more. I hear you loud & clear on the lack of media attention and at the same time I'm becoming more & more frustrated with the lack of opposition in BC. We have over 30 well paid men & women who are supposed to be in opposition.... meaning they must find a way to deliver this information as opposed to some of the stupid things they bring to the media which only makes them look more like fools. Call a press conference... 2 or 3 a week...I don't care & if the media doesn't attend.. file a complaint. If they do.. present them with the facts without being totally against it... just sound dumb & ask the media if they believe taxpayers are okay with spending more. Get off your butt and start doing some work... there is so much more going on than what Palmer or Leyne want to talk about. Make the media work for you and I don't mean those singular fights for some immigrant that can't follow the rules.... those stories affect one person and makes the NDP look like whiners. Sorry Ross but every so often I get totally pissed with the lack of work by this over paid bunch of slackers.

Guy in Victoria

cfvua said...

P3 hospital in Ft St John. Part of the $375 Million or so borrowed at 14% interest. What a BC liberal loan shark scheme to profit whom? When the municipal finance authority can borrow ata tnth of that. Bizarre?