Friday, January 22, 2016

All Our Sunshine Breakfasts Are Theirs.


The Prime Minister of Fiji is very happy with a former BC Ferries manager's new motor vessel:

“The Lomaiviti Princess III is bigger and more comfortable”.

Those are the words of Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama while launching the Goundar Shipping’s new ship, the Lomaiviti Princess III last night.

Bainimarama says this ship will carry more people and vehicles.

He says the Lomaiviti Princess III, is more than just a ship but it is part of our national communications network...

But, wait.

That's not all.



...Bainimarama says Goundar Shipping will get more ships in the next few years and a floating dock will also be built by the company.


One who has paying attention can only wonder....How much will the renovations for those boats cost Fijiians....errrrr...British Columbians?

Need a little more background on this particular bit of cronification that the Lotuslandian proMedia has so little sustained interest in?....Well...Norm Farrell and his readers had the story nailed to the car deck floor back in September....Here...The kicker?...We are, apparently, in the process of selling off more boats.



Hugh said...

BC selling BC bonds in Chinese currency to invest the proceeds in a bank in Singapore:

Anonymous said...

is ther a Petronas/PM link in here somewhere?

Eleanor Gregory said...

Yet another example of the incredible business acumen of the BCL! Not.

Unknown said...

In preparation for these future highly suspect improvements to the Fijian marine transportation system I suggest we consider re-naming a few entities. The BCFS will now be the BCFFS, the BC Fijian Ferry Service. The Queen of Surrey will now be the Queen of Suva and The Spirit of Vancouver Island will now properly be called the Spirit of Vanua Levu. In the interest of passenger safety, kava will be served on the lower decks only.

e.a.f. said...

of course the B.C. media isn't going to cover any of this. they like things just the way they are. who cares if children die in care.

Now at least I know when I pay my fare to get on the B.C. Ferries I'm helping Fiji. Makes my heart all cold and nasty.

Oh, I guess in her heart she is just Fijian.

when I read about all the stupid things the Premier and her cabal have done, and things like this, I do wonder if they are being paid to be so "stupid". Like I hope they aren't doing it for free. that would be dreadful.