Friday, January 15, 2016

I'll See Mr. O'Leary's Million...

...And Raise Him Norway.

"...Both Norway and Alberta have sovereign wealth funds from sales of their non-renewable energy resources. Norway’s fund — the largest in the world — holds over a trillion dollars. In Alberta, the fund was valued at $17.9 billion in 2014. Chump change..."


Of course, the actions of Mr. O'Leary and his ilk (and their political enablists) are the real reason for the chump changification of Alberta's so-called 'advantage' in the first place.

But will the proMedia's business 'press' even bother to tell anyone that story?

Tip O' The Toque to Owen Gray over at Northern Reflections.



Anonymous said...

I read that as Tip O' the Toupee :D


Anonymous said...

Asa Good Canadian Boy, he can always dump his oily cash into Saskatchewan...solid PC government, probably why Wall-Oil is still trading at >100.00/barrel. Har Har Har!


West End Bob said...

Ha. Yeah, I read Michael Harris' piece a couple of days ago. My fave segment:

Now there’s talk of a run at the Conservative leadership. In a way, O’Leary is the perfect candidate to replace Stephen Harper. They’re both Tin Men without hearts lurching down the Yellow Brick Road towards an oily Oz that has disappeared. The ‘socialists’, you see, have gotten over the wall.

Like some illegitimate spawn of Silvio Berlusconi and Donald Trump, this baby blowhard is giving the middle finger to the people of Alberta.

Pretty accurate description of the former Dragon's Den sleazeball . . . .

RossK said...

GAB and Bob on the same thread!

Will wonders never cease?

And how much sleaze can you ball up in an orange toupee anyway?



Har har har, indeed.


Lew said...

"And how much sleaze can you ball up in an orange toupee anyway?"

Maybe Keef will write a column on that topic.

RossK said...



Is it true that the K is threatening to rat the plebes out to the Twittmachine?


Lew said...

Yep. Apparently he’s getting tired of yahoos and wannabes and is now reporting some trolls to Twitter for offensiveness and harassment.

Didn’t mention us though.

RossK said...


Speaking of wannabes...

Now that the genius' at Corus are getting ready to take over Global, I wonder if they will soon come to question the wisdom of having a top heavy salary walking the Causeway in BC Ferries schwag.

After all, if the mission is, essentially, stenography, well...

Aren't there interns that can do that?


Lew said...

Something tells me Keef won't appear in public in that gift jacket Hahn gave him while the Queen of Chilliwack gift to George Goundar is still topical.

Haven't noticed a replacement for Sean Leslie as 'NW bureau chief yet, although I don't listen to 'NW much any more so might have missed it. Maybe the Shaw kids will make Keef do both jobs. That's if he promises to keep on colouring inside the lines. And not to wear that jacket.

e.a.f. said...

O'Leary and his comments about Notley were a riot. Like how penny anti is that guy. Offering Notley a million to resign. Doesn't Kevin know a million doesn't even buy you a house in the lower mainland. Like kevin must have really wanted the publicity or he is broke. A million to resign. Oh, god where did that man every get his brains, of course if you go to Montreal Simon's blog you will get to see some of the funniest pictures of O'Leary with his "Donald" hair.