Thursday, January 28, 2016

BC To Become Last In Minimum Wage Again...How Will Clarklandians Respond?


They could call a press conference/photo-op every day for two weeks and keep re-announcing the previously announced paltry twenty cent-an-hour increase (that they knew would do nothing when they implemented) over and over and over and over again, pretending each time that it's 'new' and actually fixing the problem.

What's that you say?

The Clarklandians would never do a thing like that?

Of course not.


Link to Rod Mickleburgh tweet, pictured above is...Here. 
'Not' link, above, refers to a story of the 're-announcing' of previously decided upon seismic upgrade to a school in South Vancouver (see pg 6 for 'Kingsford-Smith Elementary') as if it were new after the final strong-arming of the VSB.


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Anonymous said...

BC liberals have replaced the "familea first" with minimum wage first?