Saturday, January 23, 2016

Will Ms. Notley Ever Get A ProMedia Break?


Yesterday we noted that the proMedia expecations lowering team has been out in full force for Christy Clark and her failed LNG 'policies' (if you want to call them that).

Which makes it weird and, more to the point, weirdly predictable to note that Rachel Notley has been taking it on the chin for actually doing something real with the Eastern pipeline thing.

David Climenhega explains:

You may have missed it, but something truly remarkable happened in Alberta politics yesterday.

Premier Rachel Notley, after less than nine months in office, secured the tentative approval of the premier of Ontario and the enthusiastic endorsement of the prime minister of Canada, both members of a different political party than hers, for a pipeline to carry diluted bitumen from Alberta to New Brunswick for refining...


...All this has come about in very short order. There’s only been progress on this file since Ms. Notley’s NDP Government was elected on May 5 (2015), despite economic circumstances that might seem less than propitious for energy megaprojects.

It is important to note that since the Energy East project was announced on Aug. 1, 2013, the Conservative governments of Alberta and Canada made no progress under premiers Alison Redford, Dave Hancock and Jim Prentice. As for Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper, whose government was voted out of office on Oct. 19, his only plan seemed to be to shove it up the noses of reluctant Canadians, which undoubtedly contributed to his loss...


...Meanwhile, the mainstream media reports Ms. Notley’s success as if it were a complete failure, and excoriates her government for not adopting the tactics of the Harper and Redford-Hancock-Prentice governments that have been proven not to work. Calgary Herald political columnist Don Braid and Calgary Sun political columnist Rick Bell took exactly this line yesterday and the day before...


Trashing a politician who is actually putting policies in place that have a chance to simultaneously elevate the interests of business and the people's business.

Would 'a thunk it?



J MacDuff said...

Thanks for pointing out the fact that our MSM boozos are breaking the bad (old) news about the LNG lie. Even good old Les Lyne is in on the orchestrated
propaganda push. Makes one pine for East German politics of the 80's. But, wait, high tech is the new political platform and Christy and the mindless Bots can pretend that they are listening to First Nations and drop the LNG lie.
If only people would read more.

RossK said...


And remember (even just a little) more too.


Lew said...

Braid writes, “In British Columbia, Premier Christy Clark promotes tanker shipments of liquid natural gas, and expects Alberta gas to fuel the plants…”

Last time I checked, those phantom plants were to be fueled by either BC gas or Site C electricity. Hope the reading rubes in Alberta don’t start planning to spend the gas profits.

Bell writes Notley was “Smacked by B.C. on a pipeline expansion…”

Bell doesn’t know our Christy like we know Christy. That “smack” was a fingers-crossed, nudge nudge wink wink smack with a marshmallow during a pair of by-elections.

RossK said...



Nobody knows our fine premier like we do.

(leaving aside our finest of the fine Lotuslandian proMedia Club Members, of course)


e.a.f. said...

Premier Notley knows how to do business and conduct herself in public. B.C.'s premier thinks she is going out on a night on the town every time she shows up for a "photo-op". All smiles, no answers. Just says dumb things and then the MSM carries on like she had said something brilliant.

this idiot we call premier managed to give $600 Million last year to the B.C. film industry, up from $268 Million a couple of years ago, all the while the dollar was dropping. Ontario, due to the dropping of the dollar, cut back on what the film industry gets. Their Premier gets it. dollar goes down, they will come anyhow.

Then "photo-op queen" gets out there for another photo op and tells tech companies, "come over boys, lets party to the tune of $100 Million on B.C. taxpayers money.

In the meantime the Minister responsible for children keeps saying their doing the best they can with what they've got, yes what they've got left over after providing corporate welfare to the tune of hundreds of millions of our tax dollars, while 4 children died in care and are living in the homeless camp in Victoria.

Notley is so far ahead of Christy, she's lapped her several times. the MSM just can't stand it that the new style of politicians are actually trying to do their jobs to the best of their ability, with what they do actually have. Notley and Wynne are examples of what premiers can be. Christie is an e. g. of who knows what, perhaps some one who managed to get a lot more people signed up via some interesting means to become head of the B.C. Lieberals. of course the voters of B.C. can't be all that smart, we have kept electing B.c. Lieberals for 15 years. Alberta voters are smarter as are the Ontario voters.

Anonymous said...

Shepard energy AB -9 c per kwh til 2020 1.3 billion vs 10 billion dollar unneeded site c and producing 20 percent more power

Sub-Boreal said...

Yes, Rachel Notley is way smarter than Christy. And, yes, she just can't catch a break from the MSM.


Notley's unheralded "success" at her meeting with Wynne on Friday was in getting agreement that an export-driven tar-sands pipeline would be just peachy, because, well, there are now nicer people running the government in Edmonton.

Watch for this to be the template for easing the path for the Kinder Morgan twinning. Watch for Horgan to continue remaining silent on this project, perhaps because the fix is already in?

e.a.f. said...

Horgan continues "remaining silent on this project" and just about anything else. If the NDP DOESN'T open its "mouth" soon, no one will know there is an NDP in B.C. anymore.

There does not appear to be a strategy to win the next election in B.C. for the NDP. At the rate things are going, I'm looking to part my life time NDP vote somewhere else, if there is another party which might clean up what I consider nothing but corruption in this province and provide some services to children and the disabled.