Friday, January 29, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Getting To 'No' Teck.


From the lede to Mark Hume's piece in today's Globe:

Teck Metals Ltd. is expected to be hit with substantial fines after the company admits in court next week to causing pollution in Trail, in southeast B.C.

The provincial court registry shows Teck, which operates the largest lead-zinc smelter in the world in the small town on the banks of the Columbia River, intends to plead guilty Monday to 15 charges...

As we already noted, in response to Ms. Clark's ridiculous bit of PR deflector spike spin about the so-called forces of 'No' that was test driven for spring 2017 earlier this week...

When we, the people, see every effort at reasonable regulatory oversight constantly subverted and, just as often, perverted, we will, eventually, put our foot down.

For all the right reasons.




J MacDuff said...

Russ I only hope you heard the Great Empty 1's reply to the data breach. She blathered on about the changes in "tech" and how it is difficult to keep up, but we are ahead of Alberta. This is the one of the first times I have observed the MSM (Global) letting her talk. It is enlightening. I can only hope for more.

RossK said...

Missed that JM--



Anonymous said...

It was mind numbing. Absolute incoherent drivel that would make the biggest idiots in her cabinet wince.


Scotty on Denman said...

Yo Mac Duff! I just "love" how Christy speaks of the "steep learning curve" as if offering a puppy to a toddler.

Email! Lord! What will they think of next! Would you like a yummy cookie?

Lord! We are deep in Absurdistan now!