Friday, January 29, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Educational Puff-Fluffery Revisited.


From Andrew MacLeod's latest in The Tyee:

...(Mt. Pleasant By-Election candidate) Gavin Dew's biography on the BC Liberal Party's website says that after studying English literature at the University of British Columbia, "He went on to complete an MBA at Oxford and study crisis management at Harvard."

Asked for more detail from Dew on his time at Harvard, Liberal party spokesperson Jillian Stead said that in 2012 the candidate attended the Harvard Kennedy School of Executive Education where he took "Leadership in Crises: Preparation and Performance." ...


...Stead declined to answer whether the course was only one week when Dew took it. She did not make Dew available for an interview, and instead referred further questions to Harvard.

A school official at Harvard confirmed "Leadership in Crises" is six days long...

And why not?

After all, didn't the boss  do the very same thing when she trumpeted her non-graduational 'attendance' at Edinburgh and the Sorbonne while running for the BC Liberal Party leadership?



All this might seem kind of silly and not really worth remarking upon given the fact that the good Mr. Dew apparently received an MBA degree from Oxford.


There is the small matter of how the BC Liberal Party machine relentlessly went after an NDP candidate in the last election because she attended a much less prestigious school than Harvard or Oxford but actually graduated with a medical degree that is recognized by the BC College of Physicians and Surgeons.


Given all that, those of us who have been paying attention might have a hard time not concluding that hypocrisy is the Clarklandians new ivy.

Or some such thing.


And how much does that six days of prestigious academic tourism at Harvard cost anyway...Why, only a mere $10,000 Cdn....And what academic 'credentials' does one need to take the course...Well, as you might expect when such privilege and cachet requires only money...Absolutely nothing...Say It Again!



sd said...

Are we sure he has a degree from UBC? From what I've read it's not clear he does. By the way, my son attended a Caribbean medical school and is now finishing his clinical training in Arizona.One of his mentors ran the Mayo Clinic there and also studied in the Caribbean.

Anonymous said...

May I 'draw' to your attention RossK, that the BC Liberal Candidate's surname is Dew, not .... 'DREW so has legitimate degrees ...'

RossK said...

Thanks sd and Anon-Above--

Have corrected post.




I've seen a number of sharp kids complete Carribean degrees and come back to NAmerica to complete training after which they have been very successful and well regarded.

Good luck to your son!


sd said...

Thanks Ross, his goal is to eventually return to B.C. and practice internal medicine.

North Van's Grumps said...


You need to check out Gavin Dew's background, biography, just a little bit deeper

Trans Mountain Expansion Project
Starting April 2011

Stakeholder Engagement & Communications. Trans Mountain is proposing an expansion of its current 1,150-kilometre pipeline between Edmonton and Burnaby. The proposed expansion, if approved, would create a twinned pipeline that would increase the nominal capacity of the system from 300,000 barrels per day, to 890,000 barrels per day. Trans Mountain has been responsibly operating since 1953.

The source for the above expanded background is here:

RossK said...


Oh, ya.

Have seen all that.

Interestingly, it would appear that Mr. Dew and his surrogates have been posting photos on the Twittmachine of him palling around with Dippers.

Imagine that!


JasonS said...

There's your problem >" those of us who have been paying attention"<
That list has never been shorter and i'm afraid its going to doom us all to perpetual Neo-Liberal governments.

RossK said...

Good point Jason.


Anonymous said...