Friday, January 22, 2016

The Anti-Ambrose.

Why Anti?

Well, this, from a 2015 Macleans piece by Ken MacQueen:

...The supervised injection site, the only one of its kind in North America but one of about 90 around the world, has been a target of the federal Conservative government since it came to power in 2006. In 2008, then federal health minister Tony Clement called Insite, “a failure of public policy, indeed of ethical judgment.” Since then a succession of ministers, including current Health Minister Rona Ambrose, have been consistent in their opposition, saying it diverts finances from treatment, legitimizes illegal drug use, encourages others to inject drugs, is a magnet for crime and threatens neighbourhoods...


...While Insite has the full backing of the city of Vancouver, its police department, public health officials and the B.C. government, the constant federal attacks resulted in the facility becoming one of the most studied health initiatives in Canadian history. More than 40 peer-reviewed studies have been published in The Lancet, the New England Journal of Medicine, and the British Medical Journal among others, concluding that the facility and other harm-reduction strategies like free needle exchanges have slashed HIV infections and overdose death rates, and have increased the number of people seeking treatment without contributing to an increase in crime...

'Nuff said?

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Anonymous said...

Link to anything Ms. Kardashian says or does is...Nowhere.

I can only wish.

RossK said...


No need whatsoever to use up a wish on that particular subject when you stop by these particular linear-typish premises.