Sunday, January 24, 2016

This Weekend In Clarkland...Some Tweets Mean More Than Others.


You all want the list?

Well the fine folks from Integrity BC have that too:


This longterm investment strate(r)gy with massive guaranteed returns reminds me of something.

What was it again?

Oh ya...

Now I remember.



e.a.f. said...

Oh my god that is funny, to link it to that old post. How things remain the same.

So can we say Christy is just el gordo in a skirt? Makes one wonder, if there was a contest who would win as most "corrupt" government

And newspapers wonder why they are going out of business. If some of the B.C. papers started printing stuff like the bloggers post, people might start buying newspapers again, just to find out about the latest scandal, but the Post media group must be so in favour of these right wing governments, they would sooner go out of business than start printing the real news and having people buy their papers. Now that is devotion to your political masters.

J MacDuff said...

Out of idol curiosity, are there any users for the NW line? I know it was built on tax payer money and was only about 100% over budget and was intended to promote resource extraction. Is there any hope we will get any return on this investment?

Anonymous said...


The Great Justinian Rebranding has commenced:

Lew said...

This morning we get news that Christy is ordering BC Hydro to allow these and other mining companies to defer their electricity payments. They can afford to pay the BC Liberals millions in campaign donations but can't afford to pay their Hydro bills. Teck, not even on this list, donated more than all these companies combined, and still gets to put off the Hydro bill.

Meanwhile, a disabled senior down on his or her luck would have the power shut off PDQ. And children in care have to wait "until the economy improves."

It should be illegal for any corporate entity to make a political donation to a government from which it is concurrently receiving subsidies.

Hugh said...

And, at the same time, the BC Govt is pushing publicly-owned BC Hydro to spend $9 billion on Site C, in order to supply mines with electricity they can supposedly no longer afford.

motorcycleguy said...

Bennett's logic.....all the money BC Hydro saves by not getting paid for electricity that mines use can go towards buying from IPP's for three times its worth.

Anonymous said...

But wait .. more