Saturday, January 16, 2016

Is There A Job Crazy Road Out Of Frackland?

You bet there is.

And, according to Paul Krugman at least, that red line only loosely represents the USian numbers.

Can you imagine how steep that climb is on, say, the German solar road?



Hugh said...

Instead of wasting $9 billion on Site C to provide money-losing power to the flailing LNG industry, why doesn't BC Hydro spend some $$ providing subsidies for people to put solar panels on their roofs, tying into BC Hydro's grid?

motorcycleguy said...

subsidies? the people don't need no stinkin''s the IPP's (like lake draining, waterfall diverting Narrows Inlet Hydro on the Sunshine Coast, still waiting for final approval) that need the subsidies

e.a.f. said...

Even in Iran they provide incentives to citizens who go solar. So how back ward are we really????? Oh, right we're deal with the photo op queen and her cabal and if they were working with solar energy how could they reward all their friends who are in LNG, oil, gas, tar, and mining.

Anonymous said...

Families first?

also BC Hydro rates up .unneeded ,10 billion dollar,site C when demand has been flat for years and now a LNG, commodities ,currency price collapse?

like BCHydro, ICBC ,BC Ferries can be used to take money for general revenue claim a balanced budget?

I thought the top 2 percent in BC getting a 236 million dollar tax break every 12 months would be it.

BC home gas at about 10 dollars a GJ,after all other charges, when the gas NG price is about 2.50 per GJ

A 4 billion dollar bridge for Massey when BC refuses to tell public cost of tunnel twinning option.

regular stories of cost overruns for many, bridges.etc-then underperforming.

No national perscription coverage and or bulk buying program for MSP

3 month waits for specialists and or surgery