Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Keef Report...Getting to 'No' You.


First there was this, from our fine premier early yesterday:

(Premier Christy) Clark had sharp words Monday for what she calls the "forces of no" in British Columbia who mount resistance efforts to government initiatives purely out of a fear of change...

And then, later in the day there was this from the good Mr. Baldrey:


It's entirely possible that the latter was not water carrying.

After all, it is entirely possible that Mr. Baldrey and his colleagues are all set to run a series of in-depth reports wherein they definitively demonstrate how Ms. Clark and her cronies....errrr...colleagues have driven citizens to legitimate protest by continuously gaming the system by subverting of any and all attempts at reasonable regulatory oversight when it comes to, essentially, anything they do. And that includes everything from bridges to transit to mining to damming to teaching to de-farmlanding to ferrying to pipelining to drug purveying and, even, to casino industrial complexing.

I suppose only time will tell which way the Winds of the Keef will blow.

And why, exactly, did Ms. Clark choose yesterday to start the deflector spike spin assault that would distract someone like Mr. Baldrey with something so shiny?....Gosh...Is is possible that something big is coming down the pike?....Hmmmmm....Just when will the special prosecutors looking into things that flew out of the quick win and  buried gov't  Email orbits announce their decisions on whether further charges are merited anyway?
Laila has a good post up on the real forces of 'No' in British Columbia....Here.



ron wilton said...

Curious that all the local Kelowna rags and BC's rendition of the CBC all dutifully reported verbatim the preemy's contention that the Petronas gambit was worth $36 billion and 4500 jobs which by implication means jobs for BC'rs.

Apparently the only party that disputes her exclamations is Petronas itself who estimates their 'investment' at $11 billion and the bulk of the equipment will be made offshore and shipped to the site for assembly and the deal hinges on using their own 'offshore' workers to complete the construction of and operate the assembly.

Lew said...

Using the multiplier effect employed by Rich Coleman for his LNG and associated pipeline dreams, the FastCat ferries built in the late 90's should have created about 100,000 spin-off jobs.

Wonder why the NDP didn't tell us that?

Anonymous said...


Hugh said...

I'm all in favour of developments which make sense economically, are environmentally sustainable, and bring jobs and benefits to BC. Which excludes LNG export and Site C.

Anonymous said...

Guess we'll be hearing a lot of the "forces of no" with an election next year. Liberals and the BC media along with the haha press galleries puppets new buzz words. Forces of no, organized protest group. Yeah, lots of those to come.

Anonymous said...

not as ingle twinning of tunnel cost estimate out in public for Masssey?
now thats a breach of fudiciary duty and trust.
Pay to play?

JasonS said...

Yup on the Jon McComb show Vaughn was talking about the battle between the photo op queen and Dr.No.Mind you he probably won't repeat the photo op line but every other word out of his mouth will be the Party of NO. It's funny my years watching The Daily Show i loved when he would show all the right wing media repeating the same tag lines and always staying on point no matter how inaccurate , miss leading or patently false. And now i get to watch it in real life with our .... lets call them "media".

Anonymous said...

"forces of no" - With 2 byes coming, this is a test run for the 2015 provincial election.

Say YES to BC !
YES to the NDP !

Anonymous said...

BC setting an election on property tax due day .thanks for the overlap

Lew said...

Well Keef, one major project in BC is earthquake protection for schools and the organized protest group there is the BC Liberal government. Why not whine about that?

Hugh said...

Say No! to BC Govt adding $30 billion to total provincial debt since 2008:

see p. 126:

Hugh said...

Say No! to BC Government Contractual Obligations of $102.8 billion, over half being money owed by BC Hydro to IPPs for power purchases:

see p. 5:

Anonymous said...

Its about "NO"meaning BC Liberals have a checks and balances problem and a integrity bypassing BCUC ,underperforming projects and or overbudget regularly and track record even back to start of Campbell era ;in my opinion.