Sunday, May 08, 2016

And The Cronies Shall Inherit The Earth.



Due to the egregious actions of the socialist horders, Alberta's income tax for the super wealthy (i.e. those earning more that $300K/year) is now only the third lowest in Canada.

Slightly better (i.e. higher) than B.C. and Ontario (but not really because their slightly lower top rates kick in down in the hundreds) and exactly dead even with the boffo Brad's super-slasher government in Saskatchewan.

All of which means that big money mining guy Murray Edwards, who once a raised a million dollars for the BC Liberal Party's premier palm-greasing laundering facility just before his un-monitored pile of dirt failed, has been forced to flee the province and, thanks to JTrudeau's heavy handedness also, the country.


Perhaps not.

At least according to the 180ish MoCo division in Calgary:

..."What (Mr. Edwards is) struggling with and what every businessman is struggling with is the sheer incompetence that's been layered over us at the municipal and federal and provincial levels by inexperienced governments," said Brett Wilson, a Calgary investment banker and close friend of Edwards...

Though Wilson told CBC he doesn't believe taxes are the reason Edwards left Canada...

Calgary investment bankers.

Now there's a source pool I sure would like to hear more from re: 'sheer incompentence' and the 'layering' and all that.

And while he's at it, perhaps Mr. Wilson, or the CTF, or the Fraser Institute, or the Calgary Herald would like to tell us what they think about kd lang and all that.


And, regarding Mr. Edwards failed pile of dirt at Mount Polley...The following is a Steve Earle tune that was Phil Ochsified at the time to try and explain what went down:



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MSP is a tax in sheeps clothing

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