Monday, May 30, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Turning The Junior Segrettists Loose On A New Target.


And, weirdly, they are doing their best to smear Bob Mackin as 'anti-youth':


Well, there's the real reason (i.e. because the young folks Mr. Mackin calls out on the Twittmachine are, in the main, BC Liberal Party operatives-in-training).

And then there's the likely true (but not necessarily truthful) Segrettist reason, which will be so that one of them can start a blog and/or InstaChatSnapNappy site where they bemoan how it is all the press' fault for sowing cynicism amongst the younger. Then, bingo-bango, they hook a 'real' proMedia clubmember to wurlitzer it up and they're legend.

Sound far fetched?


There was that wee matter of how just such a conflation was pumped full of helium to full, exploding deflector spin effect back in 2013.

Laila covered that story, in full, as only she can.




Anonymous said...

Bob gets smacked by a no class professional pol... Oh my... the sleepless night he must have had.

Lew said...

According to (Junior Seggretist?) @Nick_Papageorgo, Bob Mackin is “Intolerant, White, Media-Elite, Douche who hates everyone who doesn’t agree with him.”

I think some of those pejoratives are unfair, but the Young BC Liberals may have a point when they label him White. I mean, have you ever heard Bob deny it?

Anonymous said...


So sweet to see the family of influence grow…

sd said...

Went back and read Laila's post. Yeah they don't like being called out for sure.

RossK said...



Bob probably slept better knowing he was getting feather-dusted by such a fine fellow.



Rumour has it that Mr. Mackin refuses to either confirm or deny his precise melanocyte count!



To quote HST in 'Fear and Loathing (Not In Vegas)...

'They were principled people, generally.'



And, when I called out the proMedia enabler concerned, I was blocked by them on the Twittmachine.

(wasn't the Keef)


Bob Mackin said...

Disappointed that I wasn't called fat or accused of making babies cry, scaring kittens and listening to Nickelback.
Maybe these Liberal kids-in-short-pants should take the silver spoons out of their mouths and spend time doing real work, like protecting needy young people from real belittlement and attack.
Y'know, the young people that grow up in poverty in this rich province and die before they're old enough to vote.

Anonymous said...


RossK said...


Perhaps they should, indeed.

But, then again, they would have to be willing to see and understand the real situation in the realm of child protection in British Columbia.

Instead, I would take pretty short odds that 8/10 of them would be happy to smear the Children's Rep if instructed to do so.


e.a.f. said...

ah, the "little shits in short pants" brigade. yes let them go out and see what is really going on. Let them take $10 and spend a week on the road and see what its like.

perhaps they could go visit the one in five children living in the province in poverty. wonder if any of them have been inside a public school recently.

That ad Christy runs with the 4 kids running at the school. Just makes me think about the fifth kid who can't afford to participate in much of anything at school. Not enough energy due to inadequate diet, etc.

Now as to the attack on Mackin, probably dont' go to starbucks either. On the other hand, he is a dam good writer and we can't say that for the smarts and the smartless in this province.

Yes, I do expect RossK is correct about the w. machine getting wound up for the upcoming election and targeting specific writers and bloggers. and endless goings on.

RossK said...


There is, I suspect, at least to factors in why they have chosen to smear Mr. Mackin...

1) He actually digs and does not seem to respond to the 'Stop if you want and future insider info/access!' command.

2) He is not really a paid-up-in-full proMedia Club member so it is unlikely that the rest of the herd will close ranks around him like they did with, say, the good Mr. Smart back in the days before he started wearing his flack-hackery directly on his sleeve.


RossK said...


Your link is to the piece by Mr. Pierce on the triumph of the ratf*ckers is actually the same one I was trying to link to originally in the post-script to the post.

How did you you know?!

Anyway, I've fixed the link in the post now.


(I blame the lapse on that crappy Pearson Airport WiFi that kept cutting in and out on me as I wrote the post - it's a cigar tube week for me)