Friday, May 13, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Is Another Shoe About To Drop?


Based on goings on in the Ledge yesterday, specifically more questions from J. Horgan and the ensuing evasive answers from C. Clark, our friend NVG asks if another shoe is about to drop regarding folks in gov't with top-ups from the donor laundering machinery:

J. Horgan: The question was…. After reading the regulation change that said that political staff may hold jobs outside…. Maybe I'll be more specific. Does anyone in the Premier's staff receive stipends from the B.C. Liberal Party?

Hon. C. Clark: I take it he's talking about me.

I'm not aware of that happening in my office with any staff members.

J. Horgan: If I can be clear, then, the Premier does not believe that any of the staff working in her office receive stipends from the B.C. Liberal Party. Is she aware of any of the staff in her office holding any other positions, running a business or a consultancy?

Hon. C. Clark: No.


We shall see.



Chuckstraight said...

Nice to see you are keeping up the pressure RossK.
Think Horgan knows something?

RossK said...


Dunno for sure.

The Dippers did know, thanks to an FOIR, that there was no paper from Ministry of Education on the 'grant', but I can't imagine that they knew that our fine premier actually received the request directly in her 'conversation' with the councillor who supports the good premier's brother's project.


There might be an element of fishing in this latest thing.


Maybe they just wanted to get Ms. Clark on the record.


North Van's Grumps said...

Get her on the record that she doesn't have a clue as to what is happening in her office....or of what the future holds between yesterday and the elections.

RossK said...


All of the above.

Especially if that shoe really does drop.