Friday, May 27, 2016

This Day In (Not) Clarkland...Re-Establishing GordCo Inc.


Mr. Campbell may be out as Canada's High Commissioner and Johnny Baird Playhouse provider.

But that doesn't mean that his people are all on the outs too.

Including, it would appear, in Lotusland.

Bob Mackin, as he so often does on such matters, has the story:

Jane Bird, a protege of Ken Dobell (remember him?), is expected to take a senior management or advisory role on some major infrastructure projects around Southwestern British Columbia. My sources tell me that her initial assignments could include the controversial demolition of the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts in Vancouver and the on-again, off-again Victoria sewage treatment plant

Bird’s resume includes stints under ex-Premier Gordon Campbell at Canada’s high commission in London, as CEO of the Columbia Power Corporation and CEO of the Canada Line, the SNC-Lavalin built-and-operated airport-to-downtown SkyTrain...

The Dobranos....

Will the re-runs, replete with replicants, never end?



Markerbuoy said...

Re Victoria (not really needed) sewage plant...
$60,000,000 +++ spent on this mega boondoggle so far, with no shovels in the ground and no end in sight - let alone a begining. Now, with the prospect of Dobrano involvement, I'm starting to catch the whiff of a P3 brewing...
Heaven help us Victoria taxpayers!

Anonymous said...

In the news locally we have de Jong and Ashton stoking the fires and firing up the flames about the public/private partnership that will be privatizing Penticton's hospital.
Perhaps Jane Bird will find a gilded cage here.

Ashton was recently in the news as a Judge poured scorn on him for his miserable handling of the fireman's contract that has been ongoing for years. And for the current council's dilemma of trying to finance routine maintenance after years of 'starve-the-beast' tax cuts from Ashton.

e.a.f. said...

perhaps the B.C. Lieberals are bringing some of el gordo's old friends on board to try and right the ship prior to the election. Who knows Photo op queen might even have a job for el gordo. If he comes back he is going to find Vancouver a very changed place. Wonder if the boy has 4 million to buy a house in Vancouver?
Wonder if one of his old friends can rent him a condo for 4 thousand a month?
How will el gordo make a living?
How will el gordo adjust to life after he has been to old London town, living high off the hog, at our expense.
Ought to be fun when he gets back. Who knows perhaps he and his old friend John Furlong can set up a consulting company and get hired by photo op queen.