Tuesday, May 17, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...PAB-Bots On Parade.

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Who knew that the lowly PAB-Bots working the Clarklandian happy-talk threads would be so proud to be 'non-union' government workers.

Which has me wondering....




Meanwhile, as we and others have noted previously, no money for park rangers.


Interestingly, as IntegrityBC has noted this little exchange disappeared from the gov't happytalk site soon after it was posted...Gosh, can they delete stuff like this if it is 'official' government business?
What's a 'PAB-Bot' you ask?...Well it's our affectionate name for lurkers and media/blog monitors from the old GordCo days when 'PAB' stood for 'Public Affairs Bureau'...Now it's 'Communication Geniuses Inc.', or some such thing...'OIC' = 'Order-In-Council' which is, essentially, a political appointment wherein the appointee serves at the pleasure of the regime leader...



North Van's Grumps said...

Coincidental right, Brian Bonney's Quick Wins perk from the BC Government of Christy Clark was $75,000, which she returned to the Treasury with her left hand, and Christy Clark using her right hand doubled the number to $150,000, without a trace of documentation to a Haida Gwaii elementary school.

There's a pattern emerging here.

RossK said...



And it does not appear to be a coincidentally-driven one.


Chuckstraight said...

Christy Clark has just announced an increase in the chocolate ration.

RossK said...


Reliable sources have released evidence which strongly suggest the increase consists of carob.

Local proMedia has refused to investigate...


Chuckstraight said...

Does Keith Baldrey know of the carob leak?