Tuesday, May 31, 2016

This Day In Clarkland.... (notquite) Everybody Wins!


From the Clarklandian mind-hiving machine...

Hey, Rubes!

Don't look now, but we've fixed the problems for those of you still dumb/unlucky enough to be sending your kids to public school...


What's that you say?

Those ingrates!


What's it all about this time Alfie?


Of course...




Anonymous said...


"Thirty-three new licensed childcare spaces are being funded for families in Enderby.

A provincial grant of $424,000 is going to the Enderby Preschool Society for the new spaces. They include 25 for children ages three-to-five, as well as eight other spaces for multi-age children at the Enderby Preschool and Out of School Program at 102 Meadow Crescent."


Anonymous said...


So, we've got Part one of The Great Buying of the Okanagan (above) : Dog Whistles in the Northern Sticks.

Here's, Part two: Romancing the Vinlands:

"South Okanagan school districts are expected to benefit from government funding.

The province is redirecting administrative funding from school districts back into frontline services for students.

"Education Minister Mike Bernier said Tuesday districts can use the funding any way they see fit – for hiring new teachers, for programs or for maintaining schools despite falling enrolment in certain regions.

"Our government is committed to ensuring that maximum education dollars go into services for students," he said. "Districts worked hard to reduce their administrative costs and we are pleased to be able to direct that $25 million back to programs and initiatives that will directly benefit the kids of B.C."

In Penticton, MLA Dan Ashton announced that the government is providing School District 67 with $266,527 in funding and called for the money to be used to save Trout Creek Elementary School and West Bench Elementary School."


(ps. lol:


David E said...

Those pulling the strings do not want an educated public who can think for themselves.

George Carlin told us long ago how it works.


Anonymous said...

Is it we just send the cheque to telus with bc mandatory tech upgrade.Well look at that .almost same amount with arguable red herring announcement.?

Anonymous said...

In SD 67 - Okanagan Skaha they usually treat one time bonus money as something to spend on capital improvements. Bonus bucks are not sustainable and to put the loot into programs is not responsible as the there is no way to know if the funding will be cut and then cancelling the programs will just happen anyway.

Putting the $$ into capital improvements means there is little to no ongoing financial commitment that a capricious government can gut.

Are there strings attached to this 'new' money that obligates spending in certain areas of district budgets, or are trustees allowed to allocate as they see fit?

RossK said...


Heckuva point.

Once again this gov't goes for PR over policy.


David E--

Mr. Carlin was right about a lot of things.

Including the difference between baseball and football



Once again...Fixing a gigantic problem that they themselves caused with half-measures.


e.a.f. said...

The money still won't keep the high school open in Osooyos.
this one time amount will give the B.C. Lieberals the photo ops they want. Prepare for an onslaught of poses with the queen of photo op with Lieberal MLAs and candidates in the rest of the ridings. Then we will hear once more, Families first and education is important to families.

By now the majority of school boards are so pissed it is doubtful this small amount of money will do the trick.

What would be fun is if a new political party were formed called the "Public Education Now Party of B.C." candidates must be teachers, school board members, or PAC members or parents of children currently in the public school system.

I've got a feeling they could actually push the B.C. Lieberals out of some ridings. no other platform except,public education for the children of B.C. that is their First and only platform statement. Personally don't qualify to be a member, but I'd sure send them money.

It might be fun to see how much traction this would get. Obviously Christy is handing out a few bucks because the Lieberals polling has noticed people are a tad upset about the lack of money going into the school system. Of course she failed to collect that billion and change from the mining companies, but hell Teck did "donate" over 3 million to Christy and the cabal.

Anonymous said...


Nutshells rock:

Cap'n Sunshine
@GlobalBC Always amusing that #BCpoli actually providing essential services using our taxes makes news. Corporate welfare - not so much.

Anonymous said...

Seeing many comments that this is a PR stunt.

Locally ex-Mayor Dan Ashton made the front page of both local papers, and I've seen elsewhere that it is the local BC Liberal MLA who was put front and centre to deliver the cash to school boards... funny how the timing is right after the legislative session has closed.

Ashton is really leaning on SD67 to call in the province for a 'free' look at how to spend this one time windfall and 'save' the schools designated for closure.

Mealy mouthed corporate media didn't put even one question to Ashton over this farce.

Anonymous said...

Laila does some good writing on the school funding/PR stunt

Merv at BCVeritas.com reminds us the $150K Massett money is still unaccounted for, and Vaughn Palmer's curiously timed column looks like backside cover masquerading as journalism.

RossK said...

The Dean appears to think that it is the job of bloggers to do the digging to give him and his enough to actually do something.

Of course, anything we give him and his will never be enough.


Anonymous said...

and before bloggers what was the excuse?

Anonymous said...

I won't even click on a van sun or province paper anymore, nope no Bauldry, not Smart and no Palmer and no Symthe. All spin, all are cover boys and not worth the read.

Anonymous said...

Anon, at 8:45: 1000 times 'yes' to your comment. IMO, not reading the crap they publish is the only way to hit them where it hurts. Clicks = dollars and believe me, the editors at the Sun and Province do not give a crap what you, me, bloggers, or anyone else thinks about their politics. The name of the game is clicks.

The next time Palmer pens another BC Liberal ass-kissing article that's been slapped with an inflammatory/trollish headline, do yourself a favour and ignore it. Not only will it keep the blood pressure down, but you can feel good knowing that one less click is helping to speed up their demise.

Anonymous said...


Anon @ 5:53

Good points. You can get the gist of the topic by searching twitter or by reading a trusted blogger's synopsis.

RossK said...


Interestingly, back in the RailGate days bloggers actually were the excuse for the Dean and his ilk.


Because we were wild-eyed, irresponsible 'cultists'.


Anonymous said...

Anon 1 8:45 to Anon 2 & 3 and RossK of course.

Exactly why I don't click - no money for them, lower readership scores as I can get the real news elsewhere. They lack mouth watering investigative journalism. For that very reason it isn't hard to turn my back on them. They have done it too themselves. They will be remembered for what they have become and not for what they think they still are or ever were, especially in a digital society - the internet will remember. SAD for them as they are too blind to see. I get my news from other places and so do most people who care to search for the news. It is too bad that they don't realize what they truly will be remembered for - corporate spin doctors. Add Gary Manson to the spin group. I notice the Black Press is allowing more criticism lately and Fletcher wrote one semi critical article - someone must be worried and losing readership. I use black press to clean the windows and light the fire. I am about to outright deny delivery to my house - but then again the paper boy would suffer, so for now windows and fire starter. And I tell anyone who will listen and even those who don't.

Norm F, Laila, Ross K, Grant G, Rafe Mair, Merv Adey, and even Alex Tsakumis, Bob Mackin, Andrew MaCleod etc.

Anonymous said...

Does Alex Tsakumis still post?

The last I saw of him he was going to hide behind a wall where he could shoo away critical comments without worry. Not a very fond friend of facts that fellow.

RossK said...


This stuff is tough for me because I really love newspapers.

In fact, to a significant degree I structure my week around what paper I buy on what day.

But I'm starting to get where you are, particularly with respect to the Lotuslandian proMedia prints.



'Tis interesting re: Mr. T.

We had some pretty good dust-ups, here and elsewhere, mostly because I took exception when I thought he was being unfair, especially to 'little' people.

But the guy sure can write and he does have good insights. If I'm not mistaken he seems to have dismantled his old site.

I'm sure NVG can point us back to all his stuff if needed, presumably via the Wayback machine.


North Van's Grumps said...

WayBack Machine to Alex G. Tsakumis

RossK said...

Thanks NVG!