Thursday, May 12, 2016

This Decade In Clarkland...Even Dirty Laundry Is Part Of The Pay-To-Play Long Game.


Remember the following, from March of this year?

Looks like Ms. Clark has another event she can haul the entourage and, especially, the videographers to:

Hospital laundry services will be ending throughout the Interior Health region, leading to the loss of 93 full-time jobs over the next year.

A private, Kelowna-based facility will pick up much of the work, IH said in a press release Tuesday afternoon.

Millions of dollars are expected to be saved.

The Hospital Employees' Union called the decision deeply disappointing. The union maintains more than 100 jobs will actually be lost.

The 20-year agreement will see hospital laundry services contracted out to Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service Inc., a B.C.-based laundry service company that has provided laundry services to health-care providers at the Lower Mainland...

Twenty years?

Twenty freaking years?

Right out of the gate!?


I think it's time to go look something up.





We have now learned, thanks to the work of the folks at Integrity BC, that this kind of thing appears to be pretty much all pervasive in the Clarklandian laundry contracting out game:


Wonder how much of that money, on a purely proportional conflict-free basis of course, made its way into the palm of the leader's hand after it was laundered through the party's fundraising machine?

And if you use the Twittmachine, you are missing out if you aren't following Dermod Travis and Integrity BC.



North Van's Grumps said...

$139,440.00 NOT $127,940 unless if one were to leave out the payments to John Van Dongen and Darryl Plecas and Michael De Jong

Does Christy get a cut of their donations to top up her stipend?

Anonymous said...

It appears that laundering services in B.C. for hospitals under Clark's liberals include actual money. Some astute MSM journalists and NDP attack dogs should get together and check their pockets before the cloths go into the wash.

sd said...

I suppose the next step is to bring in T.F.W."s because of the low wages they'll be paying. Are we still cooking B.C. hospital food in Alberta and shipping it back here?

Anonymous said...

not a 1000 year lease like BCRAil?