Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My Morning Ride...

This morning I learned that it really is the end of the world as we know it.

And, no, I'm not talking about REM.


I stopped in at the Sobey's New Empire Foodworld Emporium, or Safeway, or whatever the heck they will ultimately call it, on my ride in to work because I needed lunch-type supplies and I didn't have time to make the bend all the way down to South Campus to that place that Jimmy built (and one of our readers nominally helps run).


After I had explained, for the fourth time, that I didn't need a plastic bag and was getting ready to plug my card into the machine, the four dead guys came on the sound system.

And it wasn't even the tune you hear in every hockey arena everywhere now days.

Instead it was 'I Wanna Be Sedated'.

Somehow, somewhere, I reckon Mr. Spector really is firing that pop-gun at Mr. Colvin in a gleeful, wigged-out, crazy-trained, end-of-the-centurious celebration.

Or some such thing.

And, just in case my brother is reading this....I know, I know, I know... It was Marky, not Tommy, on the drums for Road to Ruin...



North Van's Grumps said...

More info please RossK on where Sobey's is in Vancouver because only Invermere AND Alberta stores shows up when searching for 'British Columbia'.


Backgrounder to Sobey's financial sorrow on Safeway ..... Empire Company Ltd. not Striking back:


Lenin's Ghost said...

Did you stop in for your Starbucks vente dark half a calf, chocolate sprinkle, steam fart, with a twist of Anal sweat?��

All lost in the supermarket, all lost!��

RossK said...


'Here's something really weirdly ironic 'bout that tune.

The geezers and me (we jokingly call ourselves the 'Doctors of Distortion' sometimes, even though none of us are 'real' doctors of the laying-on-of-the-hands variety) are about to play a gig in front of a bunch of fellow science geeks at their local conference (our stipulation: it has to be late at night after their banquet is done and the booze has kicked in).

Anyway, one of their keynote speakers is a real Clash fan so the organizers asked us if we could work up 'Supermarket' so that this guy can sing along.

We told them to take-a-hike but as a pseudopeace-offering we said we might let the guy on stage to help back-us up on 'Clampdown' maybe...but only if the drummer is in a good mood by then.


Lenin's Ghost said...

Pretty funny, Ross!☺ Smart to wait until the crowd is well lubricated, unless they are real old school punks.
Will there be any yields through the drum kit adventures?�� Might make for an interesting video!

Lenin's Ghost said...

Effing auto-correct......supposed to be ukeleles through the drum kit.

RossK said...

There will be electrified uke!

Bigger E mashes up George Ezra with Paul Simon.

Go figure.