Tuesday, May 17, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...The Quick Wins After, After, After Party..


A most curious add-on to the statement from the provincial criminal justice branch (CJB), as noted by Rattan Mall in The Voice Online (who has the most complete proMedia coverage so far, with true context and everything, by the way):

...As all charges arising out of this matter are currently before the court, the CJB and the special prosecutor will not be making further comment on the details of the files. The CJB said that it is important that the integrity of the court process be respected and the matters be allowed to unfold in the ordinary course.

If, at the end of all related court proceedings, the special prosecutor determines it to be in the public interest that further information about this matter should be provided to the public, including information about other charges that may have been considered during the course of the RCMP investigation and not approved, the special prosecutor will issue a Clear Statement in consultation with the CJB...

Gosh, who'd-a-thunk-it...

It's all before the courts for the duration.

And not only does this provide cover on the specifics of the single breach-of-trust unveiled today, it ensures that there will be no discussion of anything else that the Horseman brought to the special prosecutor until 'after' the fact (if ever).


This is even better than the 'forgetting' and the Dyble report for limiting the hangout!



Anybody willing to lay odds on whether this matter is dealt with before next May's election?

After all, it's not as if the matter didn't come to light five years, and one general election and a few bye-byes ago already.

Cassidy Olivier of the Province also noted the passage quoted above on the Twittmachine. 
And, for those cult members who still stop by here occasionally...My favourite 'It's before the courts!' of Railgate, as captured by the then intrepid, but now professorial, Sean Holman.



North Van's Grumps said...


Page 6 of 103
Dyble Report:
Review of the Draft Multicultural Strategic Outreach Plan

There are two notable areas where the team determined there was a misuse of government resources. In one case, a payment was made to one of the community liaison contractors for work that was approved by Minister Yap in the absence of a signed contract. In the second case, it is clear that at least a portion of Brian Bonney’s salary was paid for time when he was doing partisan work.

If we may paraphrase here..... and apply it to the payment of $150,000 and the use of government OIC appointee resources for partisan work .....

... two notable areas where there was a misuse of government resources. In one case, a payment was made to a community liaison contractor for work approved by the premier in the absence of a signed contract. In the second case, it is clear that flying a crew of 8 persons to Haida Gwaii to hand over a cheque of $150,000 could have been done by mail, or Loomis and kept under the radar that spotted the HST fiasco.

North Van's Grumps said...

Quick Win cheque of $70,000.00 from BC Liberal Party to BC Liberal Government Treasury captured by Bob Mackin on a Twitter image of the Cheque clearing the bank.


The two signatures are not discernible but one looks like Christy Clark

The BC Liberal Party Cheque was written on March 14, 2013 and Received by the Comptroller General of British Columbia on March 14, 2013. Must have been an across the hall transfer from Leader Christy Clark to Premier Christy Clark.

Why couldn't they have done the same thing for the November 26, 2015 cheque of $150,000?

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