Tuesday, May 31, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Create A Huge Problem And Then Trumpet The Half-Corrective Measure.


This just in from a press release from the Clarklandian MLA for Cariboo North is just unbe-freaking-lievable:

...Quesnel School District 28 and all of B.C.’s school districts have been informed that they will not have to pay their share of $25 million worth of provincial charges this year, and instead can redirect that money into front line services for students.

Oakes has expressed she would like to meet with the school district’s chair quickly to discuss this funding and options to keep rural schools open, ensuring the region’s smaller communities continue to be well-served and minimizing the time students need to travel to-and-from school on buses.

“I hope this announcement will encourage trustees not to dismiss the recommendations from rural communities and try to keep their schools open, ensuring these important financial resources continue to benefit the entire district. It’s important we work in collaboration to ensure our region’s students continue to receive the high-quality instruction that has made B.C. a world-leader in educational outcomes,” Oakes added...

Clearly, the focus-grouping being done by Dmitri's drone brigade is showing them that they are in big, big trouble on the public education front.


They are still giving $350 million, plus, of public money to private schools to keep the riff-raff out.

Tip O' The Toque to Andrew Kurjata on the Twittmachine.
NW's Shane Woodford is reporting that the huge problem is costing school boards $54million while the Clarklandian's 'fix' to the problem is $25 million....Which by my calculations is about 40 cents on the dollar or...put another way...$29 million for the Cronies and/or the Saints that need it most!


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