Saturday, October 22, 2016

A New Addition To The Blog Crawl...


Stanley Q. Woodvine is an illustrator, graphic designer and writer who is 'living rough' in Lotusland and who currently supports himself monetarily by 'binning'.

He also has a really, really great blog called 'sqwabb, A view from the street' that I've added to the crawl over on the left-hand side of this page.

In the last week Stanley has written insightful posts about the big DDoS attacks that slowed the internet to a crawl yesterday, the Great BC Shakeout from a homeless person's perspective, the dividing and conquering of animators 'round here, Hillary Clinton's sense of cat video humour (seriously), and a very cogent critique of the conclusions of a paper on aging published in the top-flight science journal 'Nature'.

My favourite of all his recent posts is titled 'A corn syrup morning, strategic binning and a lost and found iPhone'.

It starts like this:

The sunrise Wednesday morning (September 21) was of the warm yellow variety—the kind that makes everything that it touches look dipped in gold, or at least drizzled with high fructose corn syrup.

Emerging into such gilded beauty, short-lived as it is, certainly starts the day off on the right foot but it has to be said that sunshine alone cannot wake me up the way that a nice hot cup of coffee can.

However, instead of getting up at 6:30 a.m. and going straight from bed to a hot coffee and breakfast, as I do most weekdays, I determined to make do with the sunshine as well as any cold coffee that I had left over from the night before.

I was heading straight into the back alleys...

Do yourself a favour and head over to read the entire post. It's really great stuff, including the bit about how hard it was for Stanley to return a lost smart phone to the City of Vancouver.

A tip o' the tocque to reader Glen C. for pointing us towards Stanley's blog...



Anonymous said...

if you could contrast the color of blog title to the blog item that would help,on left column.

Unknown said...

Don't use that old typewriter type. Maybe cute as hell bun unreadablr fo old, fading eyes.

Good luck and keep puncihing

RossK said...

Alright you folks!

Style points suddenly matter 'round here?!

I'll do my best to clean things up.

Man - I really like using the old 'Courier' font.

Grade 9 speed typing and all that...


Anonymous said...

In the Bloggodome list can you please add 'The Georgia Straight'. Thanks.

Lew said...

The man can write. And this man can (and likes to) read.


Anonymous said...

nice writing. thank you for letting us know!

Columbrage said...

Sqwabb's Blog: Horrifying that all of this talent, and such a worthy contributor, is living in such life-threatening circumstances, is so deliberately at risk of losing his life because of callous and deliberate decisions by the BC Liberal government.

The BC Liberal government won't recognize him as a person, since there is this issue he is unable to cope with regaining his identfication. Sheer malice of this malicious provincial government, to set a burden of proof that they know he will fail, while also knowing full well that he is entitled. In Sqwabb's case, his blog demonstrates his bona-fides.

Really, isn't the Income Assistance regime (in this case, still applied to Sqwabb in the form of denial) really a kind of Highland Clearance, or Final Solution being effected by this malicious government in slow motion and in right in front of our eyes?

How is the BC Government's Income Assistance or any of its social service regimes ...

(contracted out, to maximally monetize and ensure that ministry money disappears into other pockets before it gets into the hands of hungry starving people, who have no choice but to be very efficient and effective users of funds, and invest them ALL in the BC economy, unlike the social service contractors that the BC Lib governments favours)

... not like a giant gateless virtual concentration camp of the BC Liberal Government's undesireables ... the damaged, the unable to cope, the unfortunate, the fallen, the wronged and ruined. This is where the BC Liberal government goes so horrendously and offensively wrong ... in which we all participate by averting our eyes and electing them into government over and over. If these people were tagged with yellow stars, does this make things obvious? Would the counter-argument be about the yellow stars because they would embarass, not with the constructiveness and effectiveness of the situation?

This malicious government's latest news dump, regarding the murder of Nick Lang, shows another form of this malicious government's virtual yellow star tagging of ITS undesireables ... the criminalization of a child in order to get him the treatment that the child needed. Nick Lang was in government custody, he died in that custody and so died of that custody, so duty of care failure, so that was murder. I believe that's logical.

But if you tag a child as a criminal, Minister Cadieux gets away with that murder. Her first and foremost comment was the party line on taxes. FIRST and FOREMOST! Wasn't even appropriate to the subject or in context, but like a trained seal, she FIRST and FOREMOST barked out the party line.

So, onstructively, that Nick Lang was not worthwhile because of his criminal tag, falsely applied in order to get him urgently needed treatment. But the four consultants she hired, the COST OF FOUR REVIEWS to cover her irresponsible and immoral ass ... that tax money is well invested according to Cadieux's morality.

Listen here, FIRST words out of her blantant morally-foul mouth is that Nick Lang wasn't worth the money:

I can't simmer down from this kind of stuff.

And I love Sqwaab. While I don't have resources, I would find him and try and offer help with the ID, so he could have the option. (Call me deliberately naive and literal about the ID situation, all you cynics. I'm fine with that. It would not stop me from trying that small thing).

yt and 500 km away,