Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The 'Independent' Site C Report...Dancing With One That Brung...Errr...Paid You.


Yesterday we noted the glee with which the former GordCo, Inc. apparatchik now running BC Hydro released her 'independent' report on SiteC to the wider world after holding it tight for almost a month. 

We also noted what was NOT in the report (i.e. questions about actual need and true feasibility), which is something that the Dean of the Legislative Press Gallery, Mr. Palmer of the VSun, also had in his lede in today's paper. 

But, to give him his due, Mr. Palmer also noticed something else of interest, at least for those of us who do not take kindly to being bamboozled:

“...In preparing this report, EY (Ernst & Young) and (the) BTY (Consultancy) Group relied on information provided by the client. We have not audited, reviewed or otherwise attempted to verify the accuracy or completeness of such information...”


Where have we seen that 'getting our info from the inside without any verification whatsoever' codswallop before when it comes to 'blue-ribbon' reports commissioned for GordCo, Inc. and the associated wizardry that lives on in Clarkland?


Let's see...

Wasn't that what happened when an 'independent' (and interim) 'Fairness Advisor's Report' was used to wash away the fact that shut-out bidders were screaming bloody murder that the fix was in back in the days when the Railgate sale/not sale was going down?

Why yes I believe it did.

To wit:

"...At the time at which this report was submitted, the transaction process was not yet complete. Thus, our observations and findings are based only on the steps that have occurred to date. Also, we have not interviewed the three finalist proponents so their comments and views are not represented in this document..."

After all, why should a paid blue-ribbon consultant actually try to verify what the hand that is feeding him or her is actually telling them?

I mean, it's not like the public interest is at stake or anything.




Anonymous said...

Q-one big giant infomercial?

North Van's Grumps said...

Page 3 of 43

EY and BTY have not developed their own cost, schedule or risk forecast, but instead have assessed the process undertaken by BC Hydro in preparing these forecasts by reviewing documents provided to us and through information obtained during interview. (.... with MacDonald???)

Re" Site C Clean Energy Project; - Infrastructure Risk and Cost Management Services

Disclosure Page 5 of 43

Lew said...

No mention in the report of whether they were asked to find the point of no return. That's Christy's stated goal; strange they weren't tasked to provide a proximity report.

cfvua said...

I think what Ms Mcdonald is referring to in the report as "on time on budget" is her pay cheque which was no doubt deposited on the correct date and for the correct amount. A few well paid pats on the back for good processes etc. looks like a mountain spent on IT as well with the usual questionable results.

Anonymous said...

Just A Ploy To Divert Attention From The BCUC?

RossK said...




davemj said...

What the hell was her job in Scumbull,s office,er maybe i should rephrase that what was her position,oh dam,What was she expected to do ah never mind makes no different how you say it always points to the same thing! Boy she got to the top with Chrusty fast Hmmmmm i just suppose busy busy girls.

John's Aghast said...

Word has it that Chrispy plans to widen the Fraser River after the Deas Tunnel is removed to permit ocean going oil tankers to reach Prince George, thence by canal to Alberta. Hyped to be the biggest civil project in Canada, after Site C. If there's any money left over she will replace the disabled's bus passes.

RossK said...


But those bus passes will only be good on routes that take those folks to Spuzzum and beyond.

After all, if Vancouver is too expensive you can always move to, well, you know...


Anonymous said...

free media cheese so they dont wine to the public?no sitting no news.Hey wait a minute every friday is a no work day here!

e.a.f. said...

John's Aghast, for god's sake don't put jokes like that in print. You know her office reads these blogs and she just might think its a great idea. Really John A. you know she can't possibly play with a full deck given some of her "manuveours"

Wonder what Christy and her cabal will have to say about the tug boat running aground and sinking with all that diesel on board. this ought to be entertaining, if the news continues to report it. Sort of like the contiamenated water getting to the lake on Vancouver Island.

With all the rain about to hit the coast we shall see what it brings us.

Hugh said...

10 year hydro rate plan has rates rising by 45% when compounded.

This doesn't include the effect of $9 billion Site C dam (article from 2013):

Anonymous said...

Speaking of independent reports...

Something VP didn't have time to mention while he was with the AG Thursday night:
B.C. financial services watchdog short-staffed due to low pay: Auditor-General
- by Mike Hager, The Globe and Mail

"The arm of B.C’s financial services watchdog in charge of credit unions has left a third of its staffing positions vacant for the past three years – despite budget surpluses of millions of dollars – because the government has stopped the body from raising its pay to attract new hires, the provincial Auditor-General says.

The Auditor-General's concerns emerged after the head of the Financial Institutions Commission of B.C., or FICOM, warned in July that one in four positions throughout her agency were unfilled."

RossK said...


Surprising that the Dean didn't bring that up, eh?


Anonymous said...

Political Candidates ,in BC, have Become Merchandise Marketed by Professionals?

Advertising has Bypassed Rationality, in BC, Captured the Mind’s of some voters.