Saturday, October 15, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...The Dean Hoists Himself On His Own Site C Petard.


The following is the lede of the good Mr. Palmer's latest in the VSun:

While Auditor-General Carol Bellringer and her staff are crafting a major audit of the Site C project, she cautions voters against expecting a report that could all by itself kill the dam before the next provincial election or afterwards.

“We’ve had a lot of people contacting us with concerns about Site C, with almost an expectation that we need to do an audit to stop Site C,” said Bellringer. “That’s a government decision as to whether or not they go forward with Site C, and we will not be going anywhere near that.”

The auditor-general admits to being “worried a little bit about the external expectation that our audit is somehow going to go into something that will do that. It’s not what we do,” she told me during an interview Thursday on Voice of B.C. on Shaw TV.

Bellringer drew my attention to a long-standing provision in the enabling legislation for her office, that the auditor-general’s reports “must not call into question the merits of program policies or objectives of the government.” Rather the independent financial watchdog is mandated to report on where policy objectives have not been met and-or where program funding has not been cost effective. The calling into question is left to the Opposition and other critics...


I wonder who those 'other critics' should be?



Scotty on Denman said...

Jeez, I'll sign up for "critic". For Site-C I'll sign up twice!

What I recall from previous general BC audits is that "unacceptable" accounting practices have been notably associated with the BC Liberals.

RossK said...


Unless I've missed something it would appear that the very fine members of the Dean's legislative press gallery can't even bring themselves to truly criticize the fact that Site C has been exempted from BCUC oversight from the get-go.

Regardless, the way Mr. Palmer pooh-poohed the 'calling into question' as something to be left to the Opposition and other (presumably politically aligned) critics is what I , myself, am really criticizing here.


davemj said...

OH!!!for the good Mr Doyle what a MAN he was,no such people in the gallery or in the Dictatorship they have away of trying to tarnish the honest people doing there job through the twisted media.G,F,Y,H.Premier the Bite has begun! your turn in the barrell.

e.a.f. said...

"other critics"? well how about all those parents whose kids aren't in the schools they want them to be, the parents of the children who just had their schools closed, the parents of the children who go to Vancouver Public Schools. that is for a start. Given all the money going into that dam, dam you wonder why there isn't enough money for schools, ........
Then there are those critics who wonder why they can't raise welfare rates, give free bus passes to the disabled, the list goes on.

I certainly don't expect to see any report prior to the election and if anything does get issued, it will be "all is well" "good value for the dollar", etc.

RossK said...


If only those regular folks were able to get traction.

Unfortunately, most often 'round here when folks speak up with fact-backed concern they are denounced by the Glimmer Twins/Ledgie Boys as 'activists' or....



Anonymous said...

Bypassing the BCUC is a blatent breach of fudiciary duty and of public trust.BC has lost the moral authority to govern and have lost social license.

Anonymous said...

Q-All some or none of BC liberals- The won't party?
Won't have BCUC look at site C or just halt outright with 11 years of flat demand and low wholesale prices and overpaying IPP up to 5 billion dollars over market rates
Won't protect vulnerable children
Won't have fall sitting
Won't stop using post it notes
Won't improve ocean protection
One or more Won't use email
Won't stop questionable donations
Won't place cap on donations
Won't stop Massey bridge -tunnel twin would bc 3/4 less
Won't stop parachuting in people for ridings for election