Saturday, October 08, 2016

Why There Is No Fall Sitting Of The Legislature....Reason #3,465.


From Stephen Quinn's latest Saturday Globe piece, this time delivered completely snark free:

...The (latest) report (from BC's Child and Youth Representative Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond) looks at a three-year period ending in 2014. It found 145 incidents of sexualized violence against 121 children and youth in government care. Of those victims, 61 per cent were aboriginal girls. The report says the true number of incidents is likely far higher because some victims are so traumatized they never report at all. More than 70 per cent of children had a diagnosed or suspected mental-health issue. Half had substance-abuse issues. The average number of moves a child was eight, with some kids being moved around as many as 30 times.

Following the report, B.C.’s Minister of Children and Family Development, Stephanie Cadieux, held a media conference call, offering what has become a familiar refrain following any report from Ms. Turpel-Lafond.

“It is completely unacceptable for any child to be harmed in any way in the homes where we place them and certainly when they’re in our care,” she said. “We’ve already put a number of changes in place, we’ve already strengthened our reporting system. We will continue to look at it, and we’ll look at what more we can do.”

Beyond that, the minister was unavailable for interviews, instead sending out her ministry’s Deputy Director of Child Welfare, Alex Scheiber...


I remember the Hughes Report and why we absolutely had to have it after the Centralized/pseudo-Privatized/Profitized 'CareNet' model.

And I remember how the wrath of that report from the venerable Mr. Hughes forced GordCo Inc. to reinstitute the children's watchdog that led to the hiring Ms. Turpel-Lafond.

And I also remember how both the Campbell and Clark regimes, and/or their lickspittles (and their lickspittles' lickspittles) have demonized Ms. Turpel-Lafond over and over again for doing the job she was hired to do.

And now the Minister responsible won't even speak, in person, to the latest devastating report from Ms. Turpel-Lafond and her office?

Either to the media or, of course, the legislature?

This really is an affront to all British Columbians and, especially to all those of us who need, and most certainly deserve, our help the most.




chuckstraight said...

Agree completely RossK.
We really don`t have a government in my view- more of a corporation.
One that cares only of the bottom line.

Lew said...

If only there was a way BC Liberal cronies could make big money from children and youth in care. It would then become a high priority industry, rather than an obligation going unfunded so favoured industries can be subsidized.

North Van's Grumps said...

Too Many Victims October 2016

RCY Report October 4, 2016

Anonymous said...

Last time Turpel-Lafond released a report there was a kerfuffle about protocol and the independence of the Child and Youth Representative's office.

Did the BC Liberals get an early peek at this report?

e.a.f. said...

Given these children are all in care of the ministry and the minister responsible is therefore their guardian, why can't she be charged with child neglect, abuse, etc. She let children in care die in hotels and nothing was done. Children on welfare/disability are forced to live at 50% below the poverty line. its child abuse. Why can't the B.C. Lieberals be charged in court.

If parents left their children some where where they would be sexually abused or didn't investigate the caretakers carefully enough, they would get charged. It wasn't that many years ago a woman who drove home a drunk child and left was charged for leaving the child. No she wasn't related to the child and she didn't have to go to trial, but if she could be charged why not in this case, where the government if they didn't know what would happen, ought to have known, as in a reasonable person could reasonably have known. Too bad some one doesn't contact some of these children, get them a lawyer and sue the Minister and the Province Government for neglect and abuse and placing them in danger. It might send a message to Christy and her cabal, all children are important, not just those within the B.C. Lieberal cabal and their supporters and those in private school.

its too bad the msm doesn't give this more play. The voters of this province ought to be ashamed of themselves for keeping such a callous government in office. ya, and some of them even call themselves Christians. This whole bunch makes my skin crawl.

Its like whats a little child abuse when we have all that LNG "sparkle pony" stuff. In my opinion the Minister's body isn't disabled, her heart and soul are.

davemj said...

This is the most disgusting in the last few months, they boot the kids out on the streets when they are teenagers and let to die,they shove distraught kids in Hotels where there life has ended, they take a three year old child from a loving respectable home it has been since birth.These shit for brains led by a no brain filling her pockets with her soulass gang effing goofball -itch i never thought i could wish the worst for somebody but!.As for the story tellers from the media your part of her club you all have blood on your hands,So now are they going to go after Turpel-LE Fond like they are doing to Vancouver School board ?Just blacken her name THESE ARE THE LIARBELS!!!!

Lenin's Ghost said...

Dumb fucken kids. Don't they understand that if you want attention/money from corporate Christy you gotta attend a 10 grand dinner or become a corporation or sell real estate

Markerbuoy said...

Hard to believe that the minister with all her conferred privilege, let alone her direct insight, cannot get beyond governmental spin.
Disgusting, really disgusting.

RossK said...


They tried that back in the beginning.

It was called 'Care Net' and it was an attempt at big box centralization/privatization that blew up in their faces and cost millions upon millions.

It also killed off a lot of small not-for profits that delivered local on-the-ground services for very little cost.

How do I know this?

I was involved with one of those now-long-gone non-profits as a volunteer.


Anonymous said...

maybe another country or company asked them to?

Anonymous said...

And no one went to jail .epic fail.

RossK said...


Not only that, but...

One Minister even got to leave for awhile, fall into a lucrative Wizard-assisted AM radio gig, and then flirt with big-time lobbshopping for a time before she became premier.

Imagine that!


Anonymous said...

How much dark money is BC politics?.whan its pay to play im sure its on a post it note somewhere right by a shredder?

Unknown said...

It is too embarrassing for the BC Liberals to show their ineptness in the BC Legislature, so they choose to avoid it. They have no respect for out democratic principals and act as dictators.

Anonymous said...

Because special interests told them 2?

OMG-the post note and shred dept ,in the war room,is running BC?