Thursday, October 06, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...Is The Wizardry Worried?


I mean, normally, they leave the slagging of a certain 'for real' journalist to their horses.

But today, well, this...

Regardless, if you are a journalist not named Mackin covering British Columbia politics, whatever you do...

Do not pay attention to that man behind the curtain!

Or, perhaps more to the point...

Make sure the citizenry doesn't.

Pay attention, I mean.



Lew said...

Alex Tripper must be getting nervous...

Anonymous said...

Are you a citizen or just a taxpayer

Anonymous said...

Bob Mackin is one of the very very few real journalists in BC. Ask me to list others and I have difficulty.

Guy in Victoria

Grant G said...

Bradley Zubyk...hmmm.

Yes, Alex Tripper, his newest Tyee handle..

He was also known at the Tyee as..

Luke Skywalker


Cool Hand Luke

Just Luke

He was, surprisingly going by the name Brad at AGT's old site..

Up at Hackingthemainframe a Prince Rupert forum Zubyk goes by the name Herman.

He also uses the name Mr. White in the wee hours of the morning at my site..

Zubyk after Rachel Notley was elected in Alberta Zubyk went there seeking muckraking gig for the Alberta PCs...guess they didn't need any help, they have an endless supply of Alberta PC muckrakers..

Zubyk returned to BC to his role as Wazuku slimer..


North Van's Grumps said...
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North Van's Grumps said...

Brad Zubyk ran afoul of the Registrar of Lobbyist along with his buddy Blair Lekstrom

cfvua said...

Someone must be making it worthwhile for this highly skilled operative to make time to slag Mr Mackin who doesn't have to answer anyone as to his credibility.

davemj said...

Sounds like the the man is a despot trying to to get a gig with the gang that cant shoot straight. The desperate ones they got a army of clowns like him i imagine, Bob is the man! scares the crap out of all the underhanded scoundrels and low life predators mindless bastards that try to ride the gravy train on the backs of honest tax payers.

motorcycleguy said...

November 2 is our national "Take Your Kids to Work Day". As a professional advisor in the field of government relations, what does Mr.Zubyk think would be a good explanation for our elected officials to give their kids.....why they can't take their kids to work that day? I find it far from a partisan statement to lament about not having our legislature sit. It has been said many times, not about left or right but right or wrong.

RossK said...

Lew and Grant*

Somehow, I reckon that members of the professional flack-hackery are never disappointed when they are being discussed anywhere, even derisively.



I agree with you about Mr. Mackin.

However, I think (hope?), especially with this Lotuslandian Real Estate thing, and the emergence of young diggers in the regions that that tide is starting to turn a little, especially when you throw in the continued success of The Tyee, the solid online presence of Mr. Smith of the GStraight and his young 'uns and, now, the push from the Observer triumverate of Solomon, De Souza and Garossino.


Thanks, as always, NVG.


cfvua and davemj--

Likely this particular very fine fellow is always on retainer.




This is classic projection

(i.e. it's the NDP's fault that the legislative sitting was cancelled, therefore, if anyone is concerned about that they must be a rabidly loony leftist)

*MTM Productions-backed, James L. Brooks-birthed Eddy Asner vehicle reprised?