Tuesday, October 18, 2016

This Day In Clarkland...The Pre-Emptive VSB-Firing Strike.


As many, including ourselves, have noted, based on Vaughn Palmer's reportage in the VSun, the cabinet order to fire the VSB trustees was drafted on Friday.

Now, according to the Tyee's Andrew MacLeod, that order was pre-emptive just in case that super-secret draft of the Milburn report that the Education minister received Saturday was going to be really, really, really bad.

Or some such butt-covering/trench-digging thing:




Anonymous said...

What the hell, school board fired. There is others that deserve to be fired before the VSB. Take the bosses of BC hydro, BC ferries, these people waste more money than the Vancouver School Board. The liberals should fire themselves, look how much farther they have put this province in debt. They have a misconception that a budget is balanced if they don't spend more than they predict they will spend. A budget met is when you don't spend more than you have comming in.

e.a.f. said...

Although the democratically elected Vancouver School Board was fired, the legislation permitted it. it might have been in the interest of schools boards and citizens in general to have had that legislation changed years ago. It is how the provincial government forces schools boards to do their dirty work, the provincial government is able to under finance education, and then blame school boards. if school boards don't do the dirty work for the provincial government they fire them. School boards can't win and the B.C. Lieberals can't loose. Perhaps this time they may though. There are going to be a lot of unhappy voters in the city of Vancouver. Other districts might want to pay attention as should the parents of children in the public school system.

this may have emboldened the B.C. Lieberals or it may have put a nail in their coffin. I do hope its the later.

of course now that there is an administrator/real estate sales person, lets see what is the first piece of Vancouver School Board property to be sold and who gets to buy it and how much will they have donated to the B.C. Lieberals.

In my opinion the B.C. Lieberals have waited a long time to put the Vancouver School Board in Trusteeship so they can sell the land to their developer friends. Now who was that who wanted to purchase that shopping mall the Vancouver School Board owns?

Beyond his first comments don't expect Vision or its Mayor to do much about it. It works for them also.

Anonymous said...

Great news everybody: School closures not on the radar!

I haven't seen even one news article saying the reporter tried to contact Milburn for comment... strange that the source of all this would not be included.

Funny that CC and Co. could find millions for Podunk community schools a few months ago, but nothing for Vancouver?

Is there any correlation between those who don't think this is political and Trump supporters?

RossK said...


I believe the good Mr. Bernier said that they were not being considered in the 'forseeable future' or some such post-May 2017 nonsense.

So, if the new overseer is not going to be considering school closures one can only wonder when the local proMedia superficialists like the CluffMasterFlash will start jumping all over her for not being willing to make the 'tough decisions'?


Anonymous said...

We need to put far more nails in the BC Liberal "coffin" before next May. Time to shut these clowns down , permanently.

Anonymous said...

Bernier has to, reportedly, hold off releasing the Milburn report pending resolution of a complaint to the privacy commissioner from Vision Vancouver trustee Patti Bacchus.

Has anyone heard from Bacchus?

Lew said...

Anon @10:49:

Info commissioner's staff say it's up to Bernier.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lew.

It is with bated breath we await Bacchus then.

Anonymous said...

CluffMasterFlash? Stumped. Another clue, please.